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Research pp

  1. 1. Jamison Williams
  2. 2. Fun Facts About Marijuana Both George Washington and Tomas Jefferson grew marijuana on their plantations Its first recorded use for medicinal purposes was 2727B.C. Hemp was once considered legal tender in the U.S. 14.6 million Americans smoke pot on a regular basis The declaration of independence was written on hemp paper Given an opportunity deer will chew gum and marijuana In Oregon you cant buy or sell marijuana but you can smoke the drug on your own property! How bizarre is that law? The reason marijuana is illegal is because in the 30s cotton growers lobbied against hemp farmers. They thought that the hemp growing would just be competition for them. However, the argument has become the fact that marijuana is not as addictive as caffeine, alcohol and nicotine.
  3. 3. FAQs 1: Wont legalizing marijuana cause users to be as dangerous as people who say, drink and drive? No, studies show that it would take a very large of THC to be in someones system to be as dangerous as someone who 2: Why is marijuana referred to as a "gateway" drug? It is called a gateway drug because its usually where most of the people who are into more hardcore drugs start. 3: Why do people choose to try more hardcore, addictive drugs after using marijuana? The people with more addictive qualities tend to use marijuana so much that they get bored with the high they get from it and choose to try harder stuff to get a new high.
  4. 4. Introduction More states are beginning to see how helpful legalizing marijuana is. Only 1 state has rejected medical marijuana. If a substance is so “dangerous” why has it shown to help more people than harm? Our society has accepted that many legal substances are more dangerous than marijuana.
  5. 5. Reason 1 For Legalization It is used to help cope with several different disorders. Without the help of marijuana people wouldn’t be able to do daily activities Marijuana helps cancer patients
  6. 6. Reason #2 Not as harmful as some legal substances Not addictive like tobacco or alcohol Most doctors would agree that it is not very harmful if used in moderation
  7. 7. Reason #3 Has many industrial uses Can be used as an alternative to thermal insulation Over 25000 products can be made from it.
  8. 8. Cons Is considered a gateway drug Morally wrong Legalizing marijuana would be a stepping stone to legalizing harder drugs.
  9. 9. Argument No substance can lead to you to use another substance, only your addictive personality and personal enjoyment of a good high can. Nobody shares the same morals and it is morally wrong to think that your ethics and morals are better than anyone elses. If legalizing marijuana caused a domino effect to lead to harder drugs being legalized than that shows a problem in the government, not the problem in the substance.
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