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Amazing Authentic Learning Project Nov. 22, 2013


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Amazing Authentic Learning Project Nov. 22, 2013

  1. 1. Amazing Authentic Learning Project Title & Summary Title: Create a Composition Summary: Students in 6th grade general music will compose their own song to be performed for the class. South Dakota State Standards Music Standard Three: Students will read and notate music. Benchmarks 5-8, A. Read whole, half, quarter, eighth, sixteenth, and dotted notes and rests in 2/4, 3 /4, 4/4, 6/8, 3/8, and alla breve meter signatures. C. Read standard notation symbols for pitch, rhythm, dynamics, tempo, articulation, and expression. D. Use standard notation to record their musical ideas and the musical ideas of others. Materials & Technology Music Notes I (taken in September) inside your music folder Assignment rubric (handout) Pen or pencil Computer lab Website: (students will create an account and need to remember their login and password) Intended learning outcomes Students are able to combine musical notation on the staff in treble and bass clefs in a 4-4 time signature with accurate counting and utilize whole, half, quarter, and eighth notes in both clefs. Students develop a deeper appreciation for music as a result of composing and realize more of the elements that are included when creating music. Students will practice appropriate audience etiquette when they are listening to the compositions in class. Assessment Plan Rubric:
  2. 2. Name: __________________________________Class: 1A___2A___1B___2B___ Composition 6th Grade General Music 1. The composition will be composed for bass clef and treble clef, and will be played on the piano. 2. The composition will be done in 4-4 time. 3. The composition will be due on__________________________. 4. The composition must have a title. 5. Login:_______________________________Password:___________ _____________________ Rubric for Grading of the Boom Whacker Composition Criteria Length Timeline ss Use of Notes * All compositions must make use of all of these notes on the Note Pyramid (whole, half, quarter, and eighth) in both 5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 20 measures or more 19-15 measures 14-10 measures 9 or fewer measures Turned in on time One day late Two days late Three or more days late Uses notes studied up to this time, but fails to use one of the four. Uses only two of the notes listed on the pyramid. Uses all notes studied up to this time. Dotted notes may be used but are not required. Does not use all of the previously listed notes.
  3. 3. clefs. Correct number of beats in each measur e Use of both treble and bass clef All measures contain only four beats. Treble and Bass clefs are used on the staff, and all notes are used. All measures contain only four beats; with less than three mistakes in the entire compositio n. The composition is not consistent with the accurate number of beats (4) in each measure. More than three mistakes. More than half of the measures in the composition have an inaccurate number of beats present. Both clefs are used but one clef does not use all note values (note pyramid.) Both clefs are used without all note values. Only one clef uses the notes from the note pyramid in the composition. How & why the project is authentic Composing is a professional job in which people create music by writing it with musical notation so that it may be performed, purchased, copyrighted, listened to, and enjoyed by others. This is an authentic assignment because composing is done “in the real world.” How & why the project requires learner to: design, experiment, or communicate Students must create music on the page; in essence, design the composition. Final Assignment & Required Elements
  4. 4. See Rubric for composition requirements. Instructional Procedures with materials & technology, content covered, & pedagogical approach implemented Day 1: Folders will be passed out at the beginning of class along with the rubric. Students will receive the rubric, to be read aloud, explained, and any questions answered. They will write their name on the sheet, class period, and due date. We will start a sample composition on the board together. Students will write their own example of two or three measures with 4 beats each on their own paper. Day 2: Class will go to the computer lab with their folder, notes, rubric, and pencil. We will go to the Noteflight website and create a login and password (which should be written down on the rubric.) Then we will watch the tutorial video for using Noteflight. Students may begin working on their composition. Day 3: In the lab working on compositions. Day 4: In the lab working on compositions. Compositions due at the end of class. Turn in composition and rubric together. Day 5: We will discuss proper concert etiquette and then the teacher will begin playing the compositions. The title will be announced before the piece is played. After the composition is done, the composer will be announced and the audience can clap. Day 6: Continue playing compositions until everyone’s has been performed.