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Professional Learning Plan - Site 3


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Site 3

Published in: Education
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Professional Learning Plan - Site 3

  1. 1. Professional Learning Plan Site Three
  2. 2. What I have experienced at Site 3…  Observe circulation desk operation  Reshelving items  Observe “First5Forever Storytime”  Liaise with and assist Home Library Service Volunteers  Assisting with school holiday program  Cartooning workshop
  3. 3. What I still need to experience…  Managing a budget  A library that embraces and encourages creativity through technology, for example, Maker Spaces, STEAM and Robotics.
  4. 4. My Plans for further experience… To gain further experience I now feel ready to apply for teacher-librarian roles. Gaining a part-time teacher-librarian position would provide me with the optimal environment to apply my practical and theoretic knowledge while working in collaboration with experienced librarians and library support staff.