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5th Grade Animal Research

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  1. 1. Animal Facts By: Bella
  2. 2. ~Lizard~(Lacertilia)
  3. 3. Natural Protection• Camouflage• Some lizards break off their tails to escape enemies. Other lizards may swell up, hiss, or move their tail or body to scare an enemy.
  4. 4. Enemies • The lizard has many enemies. Some lizards are eaten by birds. They are also eaten by animals, snakes, and other lizards.
  5. 5. Habitat• Lizards live in deserts, forests, prairies, marshes, and rocky areas. Most lizards live on the ground or in trees
  6. 6. Diet• That depends on the size of the lizard. Small lizards eat crickets, if the lizard is larger than 10 inches, it might like mice every once in a while
  7. 7. Animal Facts1. The lizard is like us so it has 5 toes on each foot2. The lizard has scales and many of them, it cover its whole body3. Lizards are many different sizes some are big and some are very small