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George washington's spy author study purple group


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George washington's spy author study purple group

  1. 1. Group Member’s Names: Madeline, Caty, Joey, and Julia Elvira Woodruff Author Study Research Report 1 Background on the Author1. Where and in what date was Elvira Woodruff born? Elvira Woodruff was born on June 19, 1951 in Somerville,New Jersey. That is when and where Elvira Woodruff wasborn. 22. What are some of her hobbies? Elvira Woodruff has many hobbies. When she isn’t writing,she likes to travel to research her books. She also likes to work inher garden, and bake cookies & pies. Her favorite flower is the“Morning Glory.” Those are some of Elvira’s hobbies.1 <>2 <>
  2. 2. 3. How did Woodruff discover that she wanted to be a writer?Elvira Woodruff didn’t really discover that she wanted to be awriter until she was 35! Even though Woodruff loved creativewriting as a scholar, she didn’t expect it to be a career that wouldtake off so easily or even a career at all! She really didn’t knowwhat career she wanted to pursue. She thought you were lucky ifyou were born with a gift of music (like Yo Yo Ma, the famouscellist), or a gift of art (like Leonardo Da Vinci, the famousartist), or even knowing that you wanted to be a doctor.Woodruff, though, didn’t think she had any outstanding gifts.Elvira had a lot of support from her parents who didn’t pressureher at all to be anything more than who she was. That was agift. After many years and jobs, Woodruff finally triedwriting. Obviously, it flew on its own. That is how ElviraWoodruff discovered that she wanted to be a writer.3 4. What other jobs did she have before writing? She quit college to start her life. Her first job was a janitor inan office building. But later on she was a gardener, receptionist,ice-cream truck driver (yum!), window dresser, store owner,waitress, and story -teller in the library. She had a lot of jobs inher life, and that was before she was a writer!3 <>
  3. 3. 4 George Washington’s Spy1. Make a prediction about what this novel will about. Our group predicts that the Adventure Club will go back intime again and the boys will get captured by “a den of patriotspies,” the girl are taken by a very wealthy family, and Britishsoldiers are guarding everywhere. We got this information on theback of the book “George Washington’s Spy.” That is what wepredict will happen.2. Who are some of the characters that will be in this book? I think that the characters will be the same people in GeorgeWashington’s Socks but with a couple of extra people. I think theywill go back in time again. Those are the characters I think will bein the book. 54 <>5 <>
  4. 4. 3. How do you think this book will relate to George Washington’s Socks?I think this book will relate very well to George Washington’s Socksbecause it is the sequel to GWS. It still focuses around MatthewCarlton and takes place in 1776 during the Revolutionary War.Matt returns, but to Boston, with his friends by time travel. Basedon the back of the book, identities are once again mistaken and itlooks like an amazing book. 6 76 <>7 <>
  5. 5. Fun Facts Elvira Woodruff has written eight picture books and seventeen chapter books so far in her writing career Elvira thinks life doesn’t come with a map and we aren’t all born with recognizable gifts that direct our lives Elvira wanted to live life, so she married her high school sweetheart and became a janitor. About 8 years ago, Woodruff started going to schools to talk about her writing. Her cousin was the author/illustrator Frank Asch.