Digital reputation


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Digital reputation

  1. 1. Digital Reputation An introduction.
  2. 2. Plan ∗ What is “digital reputation”? ∗ Why is it important? ∗ Some key facts and figures ∗ Some examples ∗ Going viral ∗ Strategies to maintain your reputation
  3. 3. What is Digital Reputation? ∗ Write down your thoughts on what you think digital reputation is. ∗ Share with your neighbour. ∗ We will share these as a class.
  4. 4. Definition – Digital Reputation ∗ defines digital reputation as: ∗ “…your behaviours in the online environment and by the content that you post about yourself and others.” ∗ This can include pages you like, pins you pin, comments on friends’ pages, and photos you upload.
  5. 5. Where does yours come from ∗ On the butchers paper provided, in a group of 4, write down as many types of social media you use, and any other online interactions.
  6. 6. Why is your digital reputation important? ∗ According to a CareerBuilder survey 37% of employers use social media to screen applicants ∗ Of those, about half of employers found something in a candidate’s profile that caused them not to hire an applicant ∗ Some reasons given included: ∗ Evidence of poor communication skills ∗ Posts dissing previous employers ∗ Racist or otherwise discriminatory posts
  7. 7. Something to think about
  8. 8. Examples ∗ A man was fired from a Taco Bell in America for licking taco shells and posting on his facebook. ∗ A woman in New Zealand was fired from her administration job after describing herself as a “very expensive paperweight” ∗ Some Australian examples
  9. 9. Going Viral ∗ Think about what it means to “go viral” ∗ ∗ What are some unexpected outcomes from this experiment? ∗ Name 3 things you might consider with regard to viral pics and videos
  10. 10. Strategies ∗ Let’s brainstorm some strategies together! ∗ Think about: ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ How do I find out about how I’m perceived online? What steps could I take to limit who can view my stuff? How do I protect my accounts? How can I create a positive digital reputation?