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Integrating Digital Media Effectively into Shopping Malls


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With a surge of online shopping, what place does shopping mall have in the modern age? How do shopping malls effectively utilize digital and social media to bring customers an experience that is unavailable online?

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Integrating Digital Media Effectively into Shopping Malls

  1. 1. Integrating digitalmedia effectively intoshopping malls Dec.7, Shanghai, XQ
  2. 2. Total Taobao saleson Bachelor‟s Dayexceeded USD 3 billion. Taobao mall, the empty city of China
  3. 3. Black Friday onlineBlack Friday sales surged 21 Percent thanks to mobile shopping.
  4. 4. With a surge of onlineshopping, what placedoes the mall have inthe modern age ?
  5. 5. Online salesaccounts for about5 percentof total retail sales. Source: The Forrester Research Online Retail Forecast 2012
  6. 6. Shopping mall is NOT DEAD. The one thing that online shopping can’t seem to replace, of course, is the human interaction element that brick-and-mortar retailers provide. Going to a mall is, to many shoppers, a socialexperience where people get to shop, eat, and catch up with friends or family. It also provides a great spot for people watching for those shoppers interested in catching the latest fashion trends or meeting new people.
  7. 7. But, consumersand tenants havechanged. • More demanding • More price conscious • More technically savvy
  8. 8. They want perfectintegration of thedigital and thephysical.
  9. 9. And the multi-screenshopping experiences.
  10. 10. How do wedo it?
  11. 11. Create innovations to bring the online-offline integration to life, impressing thecustomers and generate profit growth.
  12. 12. Think creatively to provide better shopping experience by• Embracing in-store digital technology to bridge the divide between online and offline.• Taking advantage of mobile technology to boost visitors.• Harnessing social media to attract shoppers and keep them engaged.
  13. 13. Embracein-store digitaltechnology
  14. 14. “According to Tesco, more than10,000 consumers tookadvantage of the service in thefirst three months, and onlinesales increased 130%.”
  15. 15. Through an innovative interactive window display, LEGO brand retail stores give shoppers the opportunity to star in a game as a LEGO. Minifigure, in which the animated character mimics the player„s movement. The solution aim to bring the LEGO experience to life in a new, exciting and immersive way.
  16. 16. Use mobileto boost visitors
  17. 17. At Westfield, which has 55malls in the US, a new applets people search morethan 100,000 products from215 retailers, to see whichstores in the mall carry itand what their prices are.It also support voice searchfor questions like thelocation of the nearestrestroom, and pushpromotions messages tousers while they are in themalls.
  18. 18. In Milton Keynes shoppingmall, Visitors will be able tosearch for and download viatheir mobile phones virtual„balloons‟ around the centre,which will reward them withescalating offers and prizes..The virtual balloons will belocated at different parts ofthe centre on different days,encouraging exploration andloyalty.
  19. 19. Shopkick is a reward program, the big difference being that the shopper has to physically walk into a shop to earn rewards – or “kicks”. These reward points are earned immediately when a shopper walks into a participating outlets, even before they buy anything. Users.need to link a debit or credit cards and use these to collect kicks on qualifying goods in store. Additional points can be earned by picking up goods and scanning their barcodes. The kicks also can be redeemed for a wide range of products including movie tickets and donations to charity.
  20. 20. Harnesssocial mediato attract andengage shoppers
  21. 21. To promote free underground parking at a Swedish shopping mall, The mall came up with an interesting idea to deliver the message to its customers. It placed one car on top of another -- and left it there in the old parking lot for the media and the public to jump on. (video case study). What happened next?Halva Kungariket Shopping Mall
  22. 22. The Grove is a shoppingmall in downtown LosAngeles. The shoppingmall set up several photobooths and recruitedmany celebrity stylist tohelp customers to takephotos.These photos will beautomatically uploaded toa mini-site called I LoveGrove. Friends andfamilies will be invited tothe mini-site to vote forthe best photos and winprizes.