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Podcasting for the classroom and beyond


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This is a handout created in prezi for an intro to podcasting demonstration held at UTS in 2010

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Podcasting for the classroom and beyond

  1. 1. Podcasting for the classroom and beyond The world has gone mobile and people are crging out for flexible learning f U Why make podcasts? allows mobile content delivery learning can occur anywhere anytime students can listen while on»the-go interactive content delivery not just passive audio - great for special needs and international students Will they stop coming to lectures? - the reality is some students come to lectures and some don't - the ones who do will probably also listen to the podcasts in addition to attending - the ones who don't will probably listen to the podcasts because they feel guilty about not attending - either way they'll probably listen to the podcasts which is a win - win Tips - decent sound quality - limit background noise - record in a quiet area - save as a compressed (small) file for quicker downloads - plan what you want to say - keep it short and sweet - speak slowly - vary your voice - be aware ofcopyright issues - don't let it take up too much time - don't be a perfectionist What do 1 need? - a recording device like Ll built in mic on your PC or an iplionc, - audio editing software like Audacity which is FREE How do 1 make one? decide on the purpose ofthe podcast - is it to instruct. inform, motivate, engage? - will it be interactive or just listening? - write a script or make an outline of main points a keep it simple and to the point 4 record your audio and don't worry about mistakes 4 open your audio file in Audacity and edit errors - 'normalise' the recorning for better sound quality 4 save as a compressed file 4 export the file as . WAV or . MP3 - upload to UTSonline or somewhere else for easy JCCCSS - allow comments and discussion about the podcasts to encourage reflective learning - students can subscribe to your podcast ‘feed’ - when you add new ones they automatically download to itunes - update and reuse each semester as needed Students can make them too - for example, (instead ofsubmitting a report) they could interview an 'expert' - develops communicationskills - encourages reflective learning How to manage podcasts in UTSonline http: wvw. in1l. nts. cdu. an learntcacli ntsonlinc porlcastslitnil