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Presentation by neshot alyssa mariam


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Presentation by neshot alyssa mariam

  1. 1. HOW N.A.M GOT THROUGH THIS PROJECT Christmas Ornaments By: Neshot, Alyssa C-H and Mariam
  2. 2. CHAINS For the chains we got two cardboards one colour is red and the other colour is green. We cut 4 cm wide and 21 cm long. Then cut that out we then stuck the two ends together joining each on to the next.
  3. 3. CARDS Step 1: Cut out 18 cm x 51 cm then folded it in two places for a Z shaped card. Then we glued gold Christmas tree stencils on the front of the card. Then inside the card we cut out a Christmas tree and stuck a hanging Christmas tree. Then we wrote a message and we put our logo on the back of the card.
  4. 4. BAUBLES We first blew up balloons with the pumper. Then we ripped newspaper into small pieces, next we put glue onto the balloon and then put the paper onto the balloon. We did several layers of paper to make it strong. We let them dry for a week.
  5. 5. BAUBLES continued… The final step for the baubles was to get the dried baubles and take the balloons out and put on the string. Then we got glue and glitter, we then applied glue to the baubles. We put the glitter on top of the glue and made 2 of the same patterns on the baubles each.
  6. 6. CHRISTMAS TAGS First we measured 4 cm long x 6 cm wide on red cardboard. We then cut 8 of them out. Next we started decorating the tags by putting on Christmas stickers on them. Then we used the star hole puncher to put the gold string through the star.
  7. 7. BROCHURE First we got all our utensils then started creating our brochure. We then started decorating the paper with all of N.A.M’s goodness. When we had finished our brochure we copied 29 papers of our brochure.
  8. 8. PACKAGING We first got many parts of boxes and put them together to form a box. Then we made a handle by putting 3 little pieces of cardboard together with glue to form the handle. Once the 3 pieces of cardboard were dry we stuck it on the centre of the top of the box. Then took turns putting the gold wrapping paper on the box. We next put a different wrapping paper in the inside of the box. We put on red and green snowflakes which we had used a hole puncher to create them. Then we put our logo and the snow flakes on our package.
  9. 9. STALL SIGN For our sign we got our utensils and started making our sign. We put a Christmassy border and we wrote on the paper Christmas ornaments here. On either side of the writing (here) we drew two baubles which we had put a Christmas tree in the middle. We also made it colourful by using red, gold and green so it can make you want to come and to make it stand out.
  10. 10. JINGLE N.A.M NAM Christmas/Christmas/Christmas/Christmas/Christmas/Christmas get your Christmas ornaments for Christmas nanannana get your Christmas ornaments for Christmas nanannana get your Christmas ornaments for Christmas nanannana Christmas/Christmas/Christmas GET YOUR CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS YEAH!