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  1. 1. Poetry Across Time Conflict Introduce
  2. 2. FlagBy John Agard Establish
  3. 3. What is a flag?What does it represent? Discuss/Identify
  4. 4. Discuss/Identify
  5. 5. English Defence League Establish/Discuss
  6. 6. Flag By John AgardJohn Agard was born in Guyana in South America in 1949 andmoved to Britain in 1977. He is a popular literary poet and apowerful performance poet who has a strong sense of hisaudience, believing humour is an effective way of challengingpeoples opinions. He likes to unpick British culture from hisposition as both an insider and outsider. Poets Background and Ideas
  7. 7. FlagWhat’s that fluttering in a breeze?It’s just a piece of cloththat brings a nation to its knees.What’s that unfurling from a pole?It’s just a piece of cloththat makes the guts of men grow bold.What’s that rising over a tent?It’s just a piece of cloththat dares the coward to relent.What’s that flying across a field?It’s just a piece of cloththat will outlive the blood you bleed.How can I possess such a cloth?Just ask for a flag, my friend.Then blind your conscience to the end.JOHN AGARD Poem
  8. 8. Flag = verbs What does theWhat do you Whats that fluttering in a breeze? Its just a piece of cloth poet use to opennotice that brings a nation to its knees. each stanza? Why?about theverbs used? Whats that unfurling from a pole? Its just a piece of cloth that makes the guts of men grow bold. What does this Whats that rising over a tent? word imply? Its just a piece of cloth that dares the coward to relent. What is this anWhat does this Whats that flying across a field? example of? Its just a piece of clothline suggest? that will outlive the blood you bleed. What does the How can I possess such a cloth? Just ask for a flag my friend. Then bind your conscience to the end. } last stanza suggest? How does it achieve impact? Focus Qs
  9. 9. Connotations? fluttering blowing flapping 1 strong bold brave 2 arms hearts guts 3 flee fear relent 4 sacrifice bleed shed 5 blind hide ignore 6 Skill - Connotations
  10. 10. Endings: STANZA 5 1. Why does the speaker want to possess the cloth? 2. Why do you think the poet waits until the last stanza sayHow can I possess such a cloth? the cloth is a flag?Just ask for a flag, my friend. 3. What is your conscience?Then blind your conscience to the end. 4. What is the end? 5. What meaning or meanings do you think the part in bold might have? Reflection... * Do you think the poem is giving a negative view of patriotism (love for and loyalty to your country)? Explain your answer. * Theres a saying Alls fair in love and war. Do you think that some things that are wrong are not wrong if you do them to defend your country or during war? * Does the flag have any power of its own, or is it people who give it power? Explain your ideas. * What do you think is the most important word/phrase in the poem? Why? Task: Individual Investigation
  11. 11. What is the poem Flag about? - The poem is about the power of a national flag. - The speaker presents the flag as a dangerous object, one that can change the way people think and see. - It is presented as a conversation between a naive questioner and a more sceptical responder. - The character responding to the questions is suggesting that a flag has the power to make people fight wars and subsequently die. Overview - F
  12. 12. Question Time!1. Why does John Agard keep referring to a flag as "just a piece of cloth"?2. What tone should it be read in?3. John Agard uses the poem as a warning, but a warning for what?4. Do you agree with John Agards attitude towards the flag?5. Why do you think the questioner wants to know how they can "possess such a cloth?" Quick Questions
  13. 13. Look at the images below: Can you find the quotation/idea that they refer to? Explore - F&H
  14. 14. Links:A teachers analysis of the poem:http://www.helpmewithenglish.co.uk/page_2111249.htmlInformation about poet:http://www.contemporarywriters.com/authors/?p=auth162 Links and References