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  1. 1. Beyond All doubtWritten byTom Benson1.
  2. 2. INT. INTERVIEW ROOM - DAYOVERHEAD SHOT of notepad with Film4 logo on. A Coffee mug islifted up and brought back down, placed beside the notepad. Thecoffee is black, suggesting a long day at work.MEDIUM CLOSE-UP of man reading a newspaper. It is held up infront of him, obscuring his face.OVERHEAD SHOT of the same newspaper being thrown onto the desk,folded up.CLOSE-UP of a page in the notepad being turned over to revealLUC AMADEN scrawled in biro. Hand comes into shot and underlinesthe name with a pen. Then the page is turned to reveal DOMRANWELL-JONES. Hand again underlines the name, this time twice.LOW ANGLE CLOSE-UP of P.C. Benson looking down at his notepad,writing something. He places the pen down and looks off to theleft.P.C. Benson(loud)Gill, send the next one inplease.EXTREME CLOSE-UP of a door as it opens. The camera here isplaced on the floor. A pair of feet appear, wearing schoolshoes; a poor attempt to look formal. Person can also be seen tobe wearing black school trousers. P.C. Benson can be seen in thebackground, out of focus, waiting at the desk. The door thenswings shut.MID SHOT of P.C. Benson writing again. He is resting his headagainst his hand, suggesting tiredness. We can just see the topof a chair in the foreground. Mitch enters from the right andsits down in the chair in a very informal way; his arm restingon the back of the chair, and his right foot resting on his leftthigh. The focus is pulled from P.C. Benson to Mitch.CLOSE-UP of P.C. Benson as he looks at Mitch. He sighs as hesees him.CLOSE-UP of Mitch as he looks everywhere but at P.C. Benson. Hisfingers are tapping.CLOSE-UP of P.C. Benson as he looks down at his notepad.2.
  3. 3. P.C. BensonThis is P.C. Benson,interviewing suspect 1,Mitch Daniels, at 11:15am(looks up)June 2006.(sighs)What were you doing on thenight of Friday the 3rd?CLOSE-UP of Mitch. He is playing with his fingers. He doesn‟tcare.MitchNot much really. It was anormal night...I guess.P.C. BensonYou guess? Do you care tobe more specific?MitchWell Blake was prettydrunk.P.C. BensonOkay.MitchMore drunk than he usuallyis.P.C. BensonHow drunk does he getusually?MitchWell...I dunno, he sort ofquit...drinking „cause hegets really angry andviolent...ander...well...he got likethat last night.CLOSE-UP of P.C. Benson. He maintains eye-contact with Mitch,trying to intimidate the truth out of him.P.C. BensonWhat do you mean by3.
  4. 4. violent? Do you meanacting aggressive?Physically aggressive?MitchWell...P.C. BensonShouting?CLOSE-UP of Mitch. He is still playing with his fingers. Clearlyhe is not intimidated. In-fact, he seems quite comfortable, asif this is a routine conversation.MitchHe shouts a lot...erm...hemakes a habit of hittingBruce. Well...(a tiny smile)Made.180 DEGREE TRACKING SHOT starts from behind Mitch.P.C. BensonMitch, it says here thatyou have a...pretty bloodydamaging psychologicalrecord.....MitchLook. I‟ve been there,I‟ve done all of that.That‟s over. I‟m straightnow.P.C. Benson(interrupts)But is it over? „Cause onthe evidence here...Camera goes behind P.C. Benson‟s back as he speaks.your anger managementissues...okay, you couldbe convicted.As the camera emerges from behind P.C. Benson‟s back, we seeMitch laugh, as he knows P.C. Benson is struggling.180 DEGREE TRACKING shot again begins behind Mitch‟s back.4.
  5. 5. P.C. BensonYou honestly think this isfunny? „Cause right now?With the record you‟vegot, you could go down,for life. Okay? Probablyif you do maintaininnocence right?PANS to show Mitch smiling. He has returned to his earlierposition. He knows this interview is about to end.You‟re mad.We just see Mitch‟s smile before the camera TRACKS behind P.C.Benson‟s back. When it re-emerges, we see the smile has turnedto smugness.MitchThat‟s what they all say.Mitch leaves this hanging in the air, as he locks eyes with P.C.Benson.FADE TO BLACKLOW ANGLE CLOSE-UP of P.C. Benson. He looks deep in thought, andeven more tired.CLOSE-UP of P.C. Benson‟s hand, writing away at his notepad.MID SHOT to the left of P.C. Benson, showing the door at the endof the room opening. We see a person enter, but we do not knowwho as his head is out of shot. We can guess he‟s young as hewears tight jeans and a baggy T-shirt stained with blue paint.He sits down, and we see him raise his hands to his mouth,almost like a prayer. He is clearly nervous.OVER THE SHOULDER SHOT of P.C. Benson writing. He has not yetlooked up from his notepad. The focus pulls to the young boy ashe rubs his head, trying to find something to do with histrembling hands. P.C. Benson is out of focus, but we can see hiseyes look up.P.C. BensonBlake...CLOSE-UP of Blake as he places his hands on the table in ahurried fashion.
  6. 6. 5.Blake(interrupts)I didn‟t do it!P.C. BensonI‟m sorry?BlakeLook, I know Mitch an-an-and I know that he toldyou I was drunk an‟ thatI did it but I didn‟tsir, I swear it!CLOSE-UP of P.C. Benson. There is a look of concern on his face.P.C. BensonAre you going to tell mewho did then? was Mitch.CLOSE-UP of P.C. Benson as he sits back, tired. He sighs.P.C. BensonWell there‟s a surprise.(slightlylouder)Tell me what happenedBlake.BlakeOkay....Well last night-FADE TO BLACKEXT. AN ALLEY BEHIND A HOUSE - EVENINGBlake(V.O)We were out by thechippy down the road,sort of around 8ish. Me,Bruce and Mitch.P.C. Benson(V.O)You were seen leaving ahouse rather hurriedly
  7. 7. 6.through it‟s back gate,zipping up bags. Whatyou were doing doesn‟tconcern me Blake. Justtell me how Bruce diedand why.OVER THE SHOULDER SHOT from Mitch‟s shoulder showing Blake andBruce in front. They are walking suspiciously up to a house,looking around for anyone. They go round a wall to the backdoor. Bruce and Mitch both have bags on.Blake(V.O)Okay...well...we hadjust stolen a fewthings.LOW ANGLE MEDIUM SHOT of the house they have entered.Blake(V.O)And Me and Mitch werecoming out of the house,but Bruce sort of cameout a couple secondsafter, zipping up hisbag.P.C. Benson(V.O)And where did you gofrom there?LOW ANGLE MEDIUM SHOT of an alley to the side of the house. Wesee Blake hurry out first, followed by Mitch, who is putting hisbag back onto his shoulders. A few seconds later, we see Brucecome out. He pauses for a second, and looks back at the house,but hurries on when Blake calls back for him.Blake(V.O)Home.LONG SHOT through a bin, as the three boys hurry out of thealley. Again, Bruce is trailing behind.INT. THE BOY‟S “DEN” - EVENING
  8. 8. OVER THE SHOULDER SHOT from Mitch‟s shoulder as they enter alarge room. Its white-washed wallpaper is peeling, and tingslitter the floor. The room consists of random pieces collected over the years. This includes multiplechairs, a sofa, a small table and even a set of lockers. Clearlythese boys don‟t take care of their home. In-fact, there isnothing homely about it. the place feels empty. The 3 boys sitdown, Mitch throwing his bag carelessly in front of him, whilstBruce place his bag beside him.Blake(V.O)When we got back, we alljust sort of chilled outfor a while. I er...wasdrinking. But it wasweird, Bruce just sortof sat there thinkingfor a while, and Mitchwas like staring at himand his bag the wholetime. Until Mitch triedto see what was in thebag.LOW ANGLE SHOT from inside Bruce‟s bag. Mitch tries to put hishands in.BruceWhat are you doing?Bruce pushes Mitch‟s shoulder and makes an attempt to close thebag. The bag closes over the camera.MID SHOT of Mitch, with Bruce in the foreground. Bruce picks upthe bag and moves it to his other side. Mitch makes a grab forit.Mitch(raisedvoice)What the hell, just giveit!BruceNa...MEDIUM SHOT from a distance shows Mitch, Bruce and Blake satdown in their chairs. Blake seems silent at this incident,instead watching. In anger, Mitch rises, and Bruce does too, toprotect the bag.
  9. 9. MitchWhat is in the bag?8.P.O.V SHOT from Bruce‟s perspective. Looks at Mitch, and pusheshim. Mitch looks angry.Bruce(raisedvoice)What the hell are youdoing?Bruce turns to Blake who drunkenly tries to stop what is aboutto happen.BlakeOi no, don‟t do it,don‟t do anythingstupid.Bruce turns back to Mitch who now has an unsettling smile on hisface. Mitch grabs something from his back pocket, steps forwardand thrusts his arm towards Bruce‟s stomach.Blake(shouts)No!The camera looks down to reveal the grip of a pair of scissorsin Mitch‟s hands. The rest?Buried in Bruce‟s stomach. The camerafalls to the ground.CLOSE UP of the back of Bruce‟s head as it hits the floor.P.O.V from Bruce as Blake rushes over and begins to shake him.The camera shakes, emphasising the ferocity of Blake‟s efforts.Blake(shouts)Bruce! Bruce!FADE TO BLACKP.C. Benson(V.O)And that‟s how he died?Blake(V.O)
  10. 10. ...that‟s how he died...P.C. Benson(V.O)9.I just have one questionBlake...Blake(V.O)Yeah?P.C. Benson(V.O)What the hell was inthat bag?END