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Question 1 TJ


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Question 1 TJ

  1. 1. Taylor Jones
  2. 2. As a thriller genre, it wasimportant that we included manythriller aspects and tried to stickrelatively closely to the generalconventions of the genre. This proved difficult in some cases, but we mainly focused on keeping sound and camerawork to a strong thriller theme. The camera was quick for the majority of the production and the soundtrack was there for the sole purpose of building suspense.
  3. 3. We tried to stay away fromsome thriller conventions; afterall, we didn’t just want to beanother murder mystery screenfiller. To combat this we addedan environmental skew in thepreliminary production stagesto give our film an edge in thethriller film market and alsobring a fresh, contemporary titleto the big screen!
  4. 4. The complex idea meant a secure storyline was needed and ittook a lot of work to simplify, but in the end the group and I feelit was worth it!
  5. 5. Our film is heavily based on original thriller conventions, but with a twist that viewers may find appealing!