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Evaluation Question 5


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Evaluation Question 5

  1. 1. The violence in the opening sequence would be a key With the concept of adapting the typical The interesting, and more stylistic use of editing wouldpart of a thriller film, and also help attract the thriller’s cinematography of “found footage” films, and applying help attract modern audiences used to seeingtypical audience of predominately male 15-35 year it to more modern concept of Youtube clips, we were conspicuous editing techniques in films like Limitlessolds. able to make our film more interesting and so attract and appeal to those who enjoy the technical aspects of larger audiences. film.The religious iconography used in the first few seconds There is a strong sense of mystery in our opening We believe the religious fanatic character, Joseph, is quiteof our opening sequence would immediately peak the sequence, which would hopefully inspire the audience interesting, so people would want to watch the whole film tointerest of anyone interested in such things. to watch the whole film, to resolve the mystery. learn more of his character, development and what becomes of him.A victim is introduced, so the audience may be Heavy use of second person pronouns in Joseph’s Cross cutting and fast paced editing are used tointerested to find our his fate, and how, or if, it links speech, he is directly addressing the audience, making create a more action orientatedwith Joseph’s. them feel more involved. atmosphere, attracting audience attention.