Charlie Mott 9 Shot Analysis


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Charlie Mott 9 Shot Analysis

  1. 1. 9 Shot AfterProduction Analysis
  2. 2. 9 Shot After Production Analysis 180 Degree Rule + Shot – Reverse - Shot These three shots clearly show the camera not breaking the infamous 180 degree rule, ensuring the audience would not be confused regarding the location of thecharacters within the frame. However this confusion could have been beneficial forthe genre our preliminary task is based in, Psychological Thriller, but overall we felt that as our task was short, only 1:33, it would not have been a sensible idea. Also shown by these three shots is a clear Shot – Reverse – Shot, over a very short period of time, enhancing the action and highlighting the fact that the two antagonistic character are seemingly ‘superhuman’ as they just disappear.
  3. 3. 9 Shot After Production Analysis Match – On - Action Having already included the required ‘opening door’ match on action, our group decided that it would be more imaginative to involve a different match on action that would be suitable for our Preliminary Task. We created the dropping of theneedle over two shots which has, in my opinion, come out very well, being one of the highlights of the clip. These two shots show the required door match on action.
  4. 4. 9 Shot After Production Analysis Lighting As a psychological thriller lighting was one of the most important aspects that we had to take into consideration. This particular shot shows a very cold colour temperature, possibly reflecting the nature of the character showing on screen, which in-turn creates an enigma, a key characteristic of the psychological thrillergenre because the plot does not directly say that these two masked characters are evil, however the lighting, costume and narrative would suggest that they are. Also within our Preliminary Task clip, The key light is often flickering intensely, providing cover for the characters to disappear, also creating an enigma, and making it more visually interesting.
  5. 5. 9 Shot After Production Analysis Personal HighlightMy personal favourite shot from our task is the opening shot. My opinion is that theslow pan creates a heavy sense of tension, and brings into focus the large needle, which evokes strong opinions of the character by the audience because of thenegative connotations that are usually associated with a drug dealer. I also believe our composition of our frames was suitable too, with characters taking up most of the shot, whilst revealing a little of the eerie setting shown by this shot;Overall I believe our preliminary task has been very successfuland given the group a positive attitude as we head into themain production.