Romiette and Julio Test Review Questions


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Romiette and Julio Test Review Questions

  1. 1. “Snowman” Review Questions
  2. 2. Question 1Dreams and the weather in this novel help tohint at what will happen later. What is thistechnique called?
  3. 3. Answer 1Foreshadowing. (Romi’s dream of drowningcame true. Destiny’s soul mate dream of Bencame true. The weather also reflected trouble; astorm took place during Romiette and Julio’skidnapping.)
  4. 4. Question 2Julio proclaimed to Romi, “You are my hotsauce.” Was his statement an example of asimile or a metaphor?
  5. 5. Answer 2Metaphor. (Metaphors make a comparison bysaying that one thing IS another. Similes use thewords “like” or “as” in their comparisons.)
  6. 6. Question 3Name a pronoun that a narrator would usewhen speaking in first person point of view.
  7. 7. Answer 3I, we, me, us…(NOT he, she, or they. First personpoint of view allows us to see through acharacter’s eyes.)
  8. 8. Question 4What was ironic about Cornell Cappelle’snewscast when he said gangs aren’t a problemin Cincinnati?
  9. 9. Answer 4His daughter had been kidnapped by a gang justbefore the newscast. (This is ironic because hisreport goes against what we would expect tohear.)
  10. 10. Question 5What is the theme of Romiette and Julio?
  11. 11. Answer 5Destiny. (The idea that everything happens for areason.)A theme is the main idea of a story. It shows upmany times as it is told.
  12. 12. Question 6True or False: A character can have an internalconflict with another character.
  13. 13. Answer 6False. (Internal means “inside”. Internal conflictsonly occur inside of you, such as having to makethe choice between right and wrong.)
  14. 14. Question 7Fill in the blank. The conflict between Romietteand Malaka would be called Character vs._________?
  15. 15. Answer 7Character. (Romiette and Malaka do not getalong like they used to and therefore experiencea character vs. character conflict.)
  16. 16. Question 8What is the term used to describe the mostintense, suspenseful part of a story?
  17. 17. Answer 8Climax. (This moment occurs after the risingaction and before the plot’s resolution.)
  18. 18. Question 9Fill in the blank. When Julio and Romiette began tohang out with each other, their fathers did notapprove, and neither did the gang at school. Whattype of conflict is this? Character vs.___________:a. Selfb. Characterc. Natured. Society
  19. 19. Answer 9D – Society. (Many people disapproved of therelationship.)
  20. 20. Question 10What is the climax of Romiette and Julio?
  21. 21. Answer 10When the boat explodes and Romiette almostdrowns. (This is the moment that we feel themost suspense because it is a near-deathexperience for Romi. It’s also her nightmarecome true.)
  22. 22. Question 11Write a sentence about what the teacher isdoing right now. Use the third person objectivepoint of view.
  23. 23. Answer 11Sentence should include “Miss Mayfield” or“she,” and should describe only her actions, nother thoughts.The pronouns “I” and “me” should not bepresent.
  24. 24. Question 12Determine the mood of this passage:“They were running, fearful, in a place she had neverseen. She was hot and sweating, but the air was cold. Thesky was black and green with slices of bright yellow. Wasthat rain or blood that was pelting her, soaking her?”a. Romanticb. Gloomyc. Suspensefuld. Peaceful
  25. 25. Answer 12C – Suspenseful. (Words like “running,” “fearful,”“sweating,” and the question of whether it wasrain or blood hitting her skin makes this asuspenseful, edge-of-your-seat moment.)
  26. 26. Question 13What type of external conflict occurred whenRomiette and Julio were stuck in the boat onstormy waters? Character vs. _____________?
  27. 27. Answer 13Nature. (The storm created a life-and-deathproblem for Romiette and Julio.)
  28. 28. Question 14In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the narratorexplains that the deaths of Romeo and Julietend the hatred between their families.How is this different from our modern version?
  29. 29. Answer 14Romiette and Julio do not die. (They come close,though!)
  30. 30. Question 15Name one part of Destiny’s soul mate dreamthat relates to Ben.
  31. 31. Answer 15Rainbow colors around his face (hair)Loud music playing (in his car)Meeting him in London (London Woods)
  32. 32. Question 16How many people would a character vs. selfconflict involve?
  33. 33. Answer 16One. (Can be a person’s choice between right orwrong; overcoming past emotions, etc.)
  34. 34. Question 17In which point of view is this sentence written?“He couldn’t believe how she was treated.”
  35. 35. Answer 17Third person. (A narrator who is NOT part of thestory tells us about a character’s feelings.)
  36. 36. Question 18Which word best describes Terrell’s character?a. Forgivingb. Cruelc. Trustworthyd. Depressed
  37. 37. Answer 18B – Cruel. (Terrell only does what’s good for him;he is violent and inconsiderate of others’ feelingsand freedom.)
  38. 38. Question 19Who was Ben talking about when he said, “Theyhave no poetry—they have no individuality.They’re just parts of a large, dirtyorganism…unthinking, but very, verydangerous.”
  39. 39. Answer 19The Devildogs (The Family)
  40. 40. Question 20True or false: TV news reporter Nannette Norristhought that reporting drama was moreimportant than reporting the truth.
  41. 41. Answer 20True. (Nannette continually “stirred the pot” tomake her story more interesting; as a result, sheoften misreported.)