Romiette and Julio - Chapters 38-47 Discussion


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Romiette and Julio - Chapters 38-47 Discussion

  1. 1. Chapter 28-34 DISCUSSION
  2. 2. Destiny’s Dream p. 164Describe what Destiny hears when she sees her soulmate.Then turn to page 194: “From the distance, they could hear…”Does the author want us to believe in destiny?
  3. 3. 1812 Overture (1880)Composed after Russia defended theircountry against French invaders in 1812. Why would Ben play this song?
  4. 4. ForeshadowingChapter 39, page 199 How does the narrator describe the weather as Romiette and Julio put their plan into action? What does the weather foreshadow?
  5. 5. Irony Chapter 40, page 206Irony occurs when a situation goes against what you’d expect.What is ironic about the newscast in Chapter 40?
  6. 6. Feuding Families Chapter 43, page 226Who do the Montagues andCappelles first blame for thedisappearance of their children?Lady Cappelle and Maria Montagueeventually bond and pray together.The fathers mistrust one another. Predictions?
  7. 7. Hope for Malaka?• How does Malaka treat Mrs. Cappelle when she calls and asks about Romi’s disappearance? (page 212)• She eventually gives some information to the police (page 239). What do we learn about her life?• Do you think Malaka can turn her life around? Or is she stuck on a downward spiral?