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Persuasive Essay Tips


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Persuasive Essay Tips

  2. 2. What to watch for:• Your introduction• Cliché/unnecessary phrases• “I” and “You”• Structure• Audience• Use of credible, emotional, and logical appeals• Formatting
  3. 3. Your intro:• Does it grab the reader’s attention?• Avoid boring intro sentences like these: – “My essay is about school uniforms.” – “I am going to convince you that school uniforms are bad.” – “I am against school uniforms.”• Also avoid these tacky intros: – Beginning with a question/definition/quote
  4. 4. Cliché Phrases• “In my opinion…”• “I think…”• “I believe…”• “I hope that you…”These all sound insecure.
  5. 5. Eliminate “I” and “You”• Keep yourself out of it if possible. Be objective, not subjective.• Specify who “you” is.• Example: – Bad: “When you choose to have an abortion, you take someone’s life.” – Good: “When a woman chooses to have an abortion, she takes someone’s life.”
  6. 6. Structure• First paragraph: – Clearly states opinion• Second, third, and fourth paragraph: – Begin with a clear reason – Facts or examples support the above reason• Fifth paragraph: – Restate main reasons – Leaves reader with a lingering thought
  7. 7. Audience• Who is your audience? – How can you target their age? Gender? Race? Religion? Social class?• Be respectful of who you want to convince.___________________________________________ Which sentence best appeals to its audience?“Eliminating busing was the worst idea the administration has ever come up with.”“Eliminating busing has placed a great amount of stress upon students.”
  8. 8. Credible, Emotional, and Logical Appeals• Do you use an expert’s information or opinion (credibility)? – As smart as you may be, readers still want reliable proof from other sources.• Is your topic an emotional one? – Find ways to target your audience’s values without getting emotional yourself.• Does your argument use proven facts? – Give readers logical reasons to agree with you.
  9. 9. When you think you’re done:Pretend to disagree with yourself.• Read your paper from the opposite point of view.• Are you respectful?• Do you appeal to the audience’s interests or just shove them aside?
  10. 10. Proper Formatting• 1-2 pages• Times New Roman, 12pt• Double-spaced• Margins no wider than 1 inch**CITE ALL OF YOUR INFORMATION!**Go to and simply enter the url of any website you used.