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Intro to Orpheus Greek Myth


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This PowerPoint serves as an introduction to terms, people, and places mentioned in the myth of Orpheus. This was designed for 7th grade English/Language Arts students.

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Intro to Orpheus Greek Myth

  2. 2.  A music instrument similar to a harp  It is handheld and can be carried
  3. 3. Due to deceitfulness, he was doomed to push a boulder up a hill for eternity.
  4. 4. Immortal ruler of the Underworld
  5. 5. God of Wine
  6. 6. ORPHEUS
  7. 7. 1. What is Orpheus’ great talent? 2. How and when does Eurydice die? 3. After Eurydice dies, where does Orpheus go? 4. What does Hades tell Orpheus? 5. Why is Eurydice unable to return to daylight? 6. What is the myth’s main conflict?
  8. 8. “Orpheus, the Great Musician” How the character faces the mystery of death How nature responds to the character’s grief or joy The effect of breaking a taboo or rule “The Origin of the Seasons”