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Photo Peach Instructions


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Photo Peach Instructions

  1. 1. USING PHOTOPEACH 1. Log-on to your account on 2. Click on UPLOAD PHOTOS to get started 3. Once you upload the first photo, it will take you to a new screen. Click on UPLOAD PHOTOS to continue uploading the rest of your photos. 4. Once you have uploaded all of your photos, click on NEXT at the bottom of the screen 5. Title your slideshow 6. Choose music that goes along with the mood of your project (don’t just pick your favorite song) 7. Click FINISH
  2. 2. 8. Once your slide show is created we need to EDIT it to put the pictures in the correct order with captions . . . so click the EDIT button 9. Click on EDIT CAPTION & PHOTOS 10. Start Editing To change the order of your pictures click on the picture, hold your click, and drag the picture to where you want it To add captions click on the picture, and then type in the captions To delete unnecessary photos click on the picture that you don’t want and hit the DELETE button To add a blank side for text only click on the button BLANK – see below for instructions Change picture order Caption