Keep It Sane: Social Product Disclosures


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Every product and brand has announcements they fear their customers won’t like, but how to do you keep your cool and be prepared for the worst, while hoping for the best? Microsoft’s SQL Server Marketing Team was faced with this challenge when new pricing and licensing information was about to be disclosed.

These challenges included: no prior tribal knowledge, socially engaged customer base, followed highly visible announcements from VMware & Netflix, required a scalable & flexible solution with 24/7 monitoring, and mobilizing an entire organization to field customer comments/queries.

Learn how they implemented an Online Listening & Engagement (OLE) Plan to mitigate customer dissatisfaction and maintain positive sentiment through a potentially catastrophic announcement for their brand.

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  • Escalation Report\n\nIdentifies:\nPerson\nReach\nAffiliation\nContent Verbatim\nLink\nRecommended Messaging\nSuggested Response\n\n\nRequests:\nApproval (Y/N)\nApproved Alternative Response\n
  • Command Center Daily Report\nDaily email that is sent by Command Center lead (Microsoft employee) to internal departments recapping the important conversations of the day, as well as providing a high-level view of 3 key metrics: Mentions, Responses and Overall Sentiment. This is the aggregated overview of the individual shift reports (below). \n\nShift Report\nTo be filled out as items come in and a response/escalation path is determined. All items must be captured, but not all items will need to be responded to.\n\nPost-Disclosure Report\nTo be filled out as items come in and a response/escalation path is determined. All items must be captured, but not all items will need to be responded to.\n
  • Keep It Sane: Social Product Disclosures

    1. 1. Keep It Sane: Handling Social Product Disclosures SXSW Interctive 2013 Submission
    2. 2. The ProblemIn the age of social media,what happens when…
    3. 3. What You Can DoDisclosure SupportPREPARE SUPPORT MAINTAIN PRE- DURING POST DISCLOSURE DISCLOSURE DISCLOSURE Content Strategy Command Center Daily Listening Listening Response Packet Weekly Summary Reporting Listening Prep Monthly Reporting
    4. 4. How To Do It Disclosure Support Listening Social Mentions Evaluate & Approval & Escalate Response• Blogs • Reddit • Listening Support • Command Center Lead• Tweets • Tumblr (Twitter Mentions) (Response Approval)• Facebook • Videos • Listening Support • Response Lead• LinkedIn • Forums (Outer Web) (Community Response)• News Articles • Content Creation (On-Demand, As Needed)
    5. 5. Who You NeedDisclosure Support Roles Command Center Lead (Strategist) Response Lead (Community Manager) Listening Support (Social Analyst) Content Creation (Content Strategist)
    6. 6. Where To BeThe People & Places That Matter
    7. 7. Content To HaveContent Strategy & Responding Rapid Response Assessment & Response Priority Levels Message Map
    8. 8. How To Keep TrackEscalation Reporting
    9. 9. How To Keep TrackDaily Reporting SENTIMENT TOPICS PLATFORMS VERBATIMS