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Rancangan Pengajaran Harian Sains ( 1 )


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Rancangan Pengajaran Harian Sains ( 1 )

  1. 1. Subject:ScienceClass:5(7)Date/Time: 8.9.2011(Thursday)Number of students: 48Theme:Inverstigating living thingsLearning area:Food chain and food webLearning outcome:At the end of the lesson , pipils should be able to 1. Construct a food web clearly in pond habitat from identifying 3 food chain . 2. Construct a food web clearly in farm habitat ifying 3 food chains . 3. Identify clearly the producer and consumers when constructing a food web.Science process skill:Observing,communicating,making inferences.Prior knowledge:Pupils have discussed food chains in the previouslessons.Critical and creative thinking:Relating,sequencing,synthesising,generating idea .Science Attitudes and noble values:Be cooperate when doingdiscussion,do not destroy animal’s habitat.Environmental study:Pupils become aware of the role of each animaland plant plays in maintaining the balance of nature .Teaching and learning aids:Powerpoint,animalcards,worksheet,animal name cards,arrows cards and sugar paper .PHASE/TIME TEACHING AND LEARNING REMARKS ACTIVITIES/CONTENTOrientation 1.Pupils are required to observe SPS:
  2. 2. (3-5 the pictures which posted on the Observingminutes) blackboard. Communicating 2.3pupils are required to go in front TS: of the class then to open the cover Relating of the picture. TLA: 3.3pupils display the animal Animal cards pictures. 4.Pupils listen to teacher who mention that there is one foods chain. 5.Pupils are asked to observe when the teacher open another picture. 6.Pupils answer the question . Question:How many food chains are shown in this habitat ? 7.Pupils answer 2 food chains in this habitat. 8.pupils are guided to by teacher to relate today’s lesson – food webElicitation 1.Pupils are divided into 6 groups. SPS:of idea Communicating(4 2.Group leaders comes out to take Makingminutes) worksheet. inferens 3.Each group is required to discuss the questions later. TS: Sequencing 4.pupils are asked to listen to Relating teacher’s instruction. Generating idea 5.Each group is required to state
  3. 3. another food chain in the pond Teaching habitat. Strategy: Cooperative 6.Then,pupils are required to construct a food web based on the SANV: food chain stated. Be cooperate when doing 7.Pupils are not allowed to discuss discussion with another group. TLA: 8.Pupils and teacher will discuss worksheet the answer later. 9.Pupils are told to be cooperate while discussion.Restructuring 1.Pupils are required to focus on SPS:of idea the today’s lesson-Food web. Observing(7minutes) Communicating 2.Pupils study again previous lesson-food chain to refresh their knowledge. TS: Sequencing 3.Pupils are asked by teacher: Synthesising “What is a food web?” Relating 4.Pupils read together from the slide(3rd) that a food web consists Teaching of 2 or more food chains that linked Strategy: together. Directive Meditative 5.Pupils are introduced that different food webs in different habitat such as forest,pond and TLA: farm. Powerpoint 6.Pupils listen to teacher who introduce steps to construct food webs.
  4. 4. 7.Pupils observe the example of food chains to construct a food web. 8.Pupils identify producer and consumers when constructing a food web. 9.Pupils observe a pond habitat (worksheet). 10.Pupils identify producer,secondary consumers and tertiary consumers from the pond habitat. 11.Pupils arrange another food chain together. 12.Pupils tangled up those 3 food chains into a food web in pond habitat. 13.Each group take out their worksheet to check their answers.Application 1.Pupils are going to carry out a SPS:of idea group activity. Communicating(10minutes) 2.Each group is given an envelope TLS: which contains of 5 animal name Sequencing cards and arrows cards. Synthsising Generating 3.Each group is required to idea construct a food web in a farm habitat to paste on a sugar paper. Teaching 4.Pupils are asked to cooperate in Strategy: the group activity. Cooperative
  5. 5. 5.Each group representative to TLA: display their answer. Animal name cards 6.Pupils and teacher discuss the Arrow cards answers together.Reflection 1.5 pupils are asked to perform the SPS:(5minutes) food web just now in front of the Observing class. Communicating 2.Pupils are emphasized by teacher do not destroy animal TS: habitat as this will affect their food Relating chain and food web. Teaching 3.Pupils listen to teacher for Strategy: today’s homework. Performing 4.Pupils are guided by teacher to SANV: conclude today’s lesson. Do not destroy animal habitat TLA: Animal name cards Powerpoint