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Towie joanne

  1. 1. Postmodern Text’s:Made In Chelsea &The Only Way Is EssexBy Joanne Aroda
  2. 2.‘MIC’ & ‘TOWIE’: OverviewMade In Chelsea The Only Way Is Essex• The show began airing in 2011 in E4•‘MIC’ is a reality based in Chelsea followingthe lives of elite, social young adults• Like ‘TOWIE’ its debateable if the show iscompletely reality• As at some points events and reactions seemscripted (Less so than ‘TOWIE’)• The show began airing in 2010 on ITV2• ‘TOWIE’ is a reality show focusing onpeoples daily lives• Following a group of ‘friends’ on theventures• Its not 100% clear if the show is reality orscriptedTrailer Trailer
  3. 3. ‘MIC’ & ‘TOWIE’: Hybridisation In Chelsea: Postmodern ? The Only Way Is Essex: Postmodern ?Yes both texts are postmodernEspecially as they are a product of not one genre but several, becoming a hybrid•Drama: The arguments and bitchiness•Soap: The on going story line•Reality: Real life setting, real people•Documentary: ObservationThis is a representation of ‘Bricolage’ as conventions have been mixed and reused somany times it has now made its own genre with codes and conventions that viewswould recognise.
  4. 4. ‘MIC’ & ‘TOWIE’• We would associate such shows asreality as we would recognisecertain conventions and code• But at close analysis are these showstruly reality• The ‘Reality’ element missing arethe one to one conversations peoplewould have with a camera statingthere feelings on an event• Both shows are missing this.• Such shows that would have thereality element are...Keeping Up With The Kardashians Bad Girls Club
  5. 5. ‘MIC’ & ‘TOWIE’: CultureMade In Chelsea The Only Way Is Essex• ‘MIC’ could be seen as a cross for high andlow culture• high culture: From their clothes, lavishlifestyles, last minute holidays• Low culture: To there kind of language andsometimes clothing• ‘TOWIE’ at first sight would be seen aslow culture but on second glance hassome aspects of high culture• Low culture: The terminology, accent,tans & make-up• High culture: Their choice of clothing
  6. 6. ‘MIC’ & ‘TOWIE’: Postmodern?Made In Chelsea: Postmodern ? The Only Way Is Essex: Postmodern ?• The popularity of the show throughdominate characters allowed to show tobranch out into other ventures i.e• Amy Childs Mark WrightBecome popular through‘TOWIE’Was able to expand and haveher own perfume and clothinglineBecome popular through‘TOWIE’Gave him a show and manyTV appearances• The popularity of the show gave freeadvertisement for there differentventures i.e• Jamie Laing• Dominant character.Known for being thegood guyHis popularity allowed him to successfully open a sweet shop
  7. 7. The Only Way Is Essex AdMade In Chelsea Parody‘MIC’ & ‘TOWIE’: Adverts• Editing is always key in such shows, allowingproducers to change the agenda of the narrative• Portray characters in such ways to gain views• This ‘MIC’ Trailer plays on over exaggeration of wellknown moments in the show•The agenda from this as is to create humour, as itacknowledges its own text and portrays it in a funnyway, now becoming a parody• Like ‘MIC’ for the ad ‘TOWIE’ has heavy relied onediting• The agenda was to portray them as ditsy andstupid to gain laughs and create a buzz• This in turn brings in views which is the overallaim of the use of manipulationParody Pink ScreenEEErrmChickenImStupid
  8. 8. ‘MIC’ & ‘TOWIE’: Style Over SubstanceMade In Chelsea The Only Way Is Essex• Both shows glorify style over substance• Both promote hypersexuality & hyperbeautyHypersexuality through revealing clothing and public acts of affectionHyperbeauty as everythey are known for is theirclassy style separatingthem from the commonmanHyperbeauty as there looksare their only assets in theircommunity (friendshipgroups, glorified throughover use of fake tan andeyelashes
  9. 9. The Only Way Is EssexMade In Chelsea‘MIC’ & ‘TOWIE’• Shows such as these are constructed formore passive audiences ‘hypodermicneedle’• They just consume whats put in front ofthem and the ‘injected’ ideologies withoutquestion, i.e. the idea that all people in‘Essex’ act the same as the cast• Both shows do have Pluralist viewers, whowould question and watch with being ableto analyse and argue ideologies andperceptions• i.e. concluding only a small demographicact in such a way in ‘Towie’ which has beenover exaggeration
  10. 10. The Only Way Is EssexMade In Chelsea‘MIC’ & ‘TOWIE’: Hypereality• Both shows portray lifestyles ‘the average Joe’would want to aspire to. ‘hypereality’ fromBodrillard• This is more accepted by ‘Passive audiences’accepting their kinds of lifestyle, from clothes tostyle• Pluralist views dont accept it and instead accepttheir own ‘True’ lifestyle’ aware of such showsfabrication of ‘reality
  11. 11. The Only Way Is EssexMade In Chelsea‘MIC’ & ‘TOWIE’: Voyeurism• The art of watching• ‘Reality shows’ reflects a voyeuristicpostmodern society•The idea that we dont act the same when inpublic... Then how can such shows truly bereality•We dont but what we can go on is their sociallives through social media•But even so we still construct our lives onlinewith what we want to portray to other andhold back what we think is unappealing