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My brother the devil


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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My brother the devil

  1. 1. My brother the devil(indie film)To know facts for this film in order touse it has indie case study in exam
  2. 2. trailer• UK:• US:
  3. 3. website•• This is another teacher’s website on the film(has various info)• I got this website from the training day I wenton in March 
  4. 4. director• Sally El Hosaini• Has won many awards for the film (main ones in red)• Won Best European Film at Berlinale• Won Best Cinematography at Sundance Film Festival• Won CBA Worldview Sundance Impact Award at Sundance London• Won Best Newcomer - Sally El Hosaini at BFI London Film Festival• Won Most Promising Newcomer - Sally El Hosaini at Evening Standard FilmAwards• Won Grand Jury Award at LA Outfest• Won Audience Award - Annonay Film Festival, France• Won BIFA for Best Newcomer - James Floyd at British Independent Film Awards• Won Best Actor - James Floyd at Milan Film Festival• Won New Vision Award for Cinematography - Manaki Brothers Film Festival,Macedonia• Honorable Mention Outstanding First Feature, Frameline Film Festival• Nominated Grand Jury Prize at Sundance Film Festival• Nominated BIFA Douglas Hickox award for Best Debut Film - Sally ElHosaini at British Independent Film Awards• Nominated Sutherland Trophy (Best First Film) - Sally El Hosaini at BFI London FilmFestival• Nominated Most Promising Newcomer - James Floyd at Evening Standard FilmAwards• Nominated Best Newcomer - Fady Elsayed at BFI London Film Festival•
  5. 5. owners• Production (2 indie companies):– Rocks Nest Entertainment, Wild Horses Film Company• Distribution (also indie companies):– UK: Verve Pictures (they have website for film!)– North America: 108 media• They are not vertically or horizontally integrated….just indie and the filmneeded 2 different companies– (similar to skyfall – EON PRODUCTIONS + SONY + MGM– Different as these are massive conglomerates who are vertically andhorizontally integrated (have parent and subsidiaries who released all theother stuff associated with film)• Relatively small budget and didn’t make very much……unlike skyfall!
  6. 6. Release (exhibition)• Cinema: nov 2012– Shown in CURZON (arthouse cinema in london) (for nicheaudiences)– Ritzy in Brixton• DVD: march 2013• Budget: £650,000• Only released in UK & north america = English speaking& small film
  7. 7. audiences• For local audiences (esp east london people whocould relate to the film) (but how will they watch if not mainstream?)• For niche audiences: specific/niche subject –arabs brothers in east london• Some global – it made $10,000 in america (theycould know about it on facebook page or beingan arthouse film lover)– Only really appealing for north American audiences(english speaking) – not distr
  8. 8. Reception (how audiences felt about it)• It has been critically acclaimed with rave reviews, including:• The Hollywood Reporter called it "A crackling debut...Slick, muscular, entertaining and emotionally satisfying.“• [2]Empire named it "a compelling gangland saga...crisp, cool and consistently street-smart."• [3]Variety wrote An energetic and imaginative tale...a film that so artfully refuses to surrender to convention.• [4]The Independent praised it as gritty and gripping‘• [5]The Daily Telegraph called it their favourite narrative feature at Sundance• [6]Total Film gave it film of the day and placed it in its Top 3 Films at Sundance• [7]Screen International named it a luminous event• [8]It currently holds a 90% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes[9]
  9. 9. Production & post production• Filmed on alexi arri camera (digital)• Filmed in 2 locations: london & hackney• Fairly short production time (digital made itfaster/more efficient – (no waiting for prints/dailies!Director can see what film will look like whilst filming(they can’t afford to make mistakes (like re-filming)… to make ‘realism’ come to life quicklyand easily!• Post-production……(rented and liaised with othercompanies for editing)– HireWorks (HD Avid equipment rental)– Point1Post (sound re-recording)– Sapex Scripts (post production script services)
  10. 10. marketing• Very limited above the line as small indie film – a fewposters in local arthouse cinemas and in local areas (unlikeskyfall)• No website but have facebook & twitter page• Was in many film festivals and won loads of awards
  11. 11. Technologydigital technology, proliferation, technological convergence• Shot on digital alexa arri (same as skyfall!)……indie films being able toshoot on same cameras as big films (proliferation) – crisp, clear andportrays realism (the director (cost about £90,000)• Trailer on youtube & vimeo (online)• Can buy on DVD (but not as many or as much marketing or in as manyshops as skyfall……in niche shops/cinemas (curzon sells the DVD)• Can buy on itunes (easy for audience and convergence)
  12. 12. Online competition (filmbeat)!
  13. 13. Uh oh…..pirated (exchange)• Because of digital technology, (which is proliferation of hardware)…..andtechnological convergence….. (the internet and smart techy audiences know howand will do this (because its pretty easy)• Remember they don’t money to protect against piracy (like big films haveexpensive strategies)
  14. 14. Exhibition/exchange• Exhibition = showing to audience (cinema & DVD)• Exchange = exchange from institution to audienceExhibition (Cinema)Institution to audienceExhibition (DVD)Institution to audienceExchangeAudience to audience-Curzon & Brixton Ritsy =digital projection-this was funded by theDigital Screen Network(BFI)!(able to get quality andindie to audiences!!!)DVD & blu ray can get at…..1) Indie shops (curzonshop)2) Asda!3) Online – amazon, vervewebsite, etc4) Rent/buy on ItunesPiracy online (movie 2K)
  15. 15. Synergy/ cross-media convergence• There isn’t really (no money –investors/businesses wouldn’t get any money assuch small audiences) any but….. (unlike skyfall who hadloads….In and out of sony!)• The song? (local artist in east london) – used filmto promote his song?• This is example of very small – he might haveeven done for free to promote himself/song?