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More tv drama tips

  2. 2. My top targets (targets I write the most) • Write more – should be 3 pages for 45 mins, 1-1 ½ pages you can’t really get above low D • Write more clearly, serious grammar issues – sentences aren’t clear! Also, handwriting so sloppy I can’t read – therefore no marks! • Write in PEAL paragraphs • Don’t just say…..’close ups were used’ ……’this can be shown in facial expressions and body language’…….’his dialogue is demanding’ = vague! must explain them! • A lot of these symbols = ^ (meaning you must explain/develop discussion of that point/term) i.e. ‘he takes off her glove’ ……? EXPLAIN! This connotes……shows…. • Analysis/explanations are weak: remember this is to analyse and explain your evidence: i.e. The male’s body language is aggressive as he grabs the female character away and pins her to a tree. This connotes……….this shows……..this suggests…….. (see next slide about PEAL paragraphs) • Sentence starters must describe the scene: ‘The next scene is set in a Victorian bedroom with 2 female characters on the bed’ (so the moderator knows what scene you are talking about!) • Still not enough range of terms in editing and sound (but getting better) • CAM SAMC is also about movement and composition
  3. 3. PEAL paragraphs • POINT • EVIDENCE • ANALYSIS • LINK
  4. 4. But really PEAL are like…. • POINT – EVIDENCE (about cam samc) – ANALYSIS – EVIDENCE (about MES) – ANALYSIS – EVIDENCE (about editing) – ANALYSIS – EVIDENCE (about sound) – ANALYSIS • LINK
  5. 5. So essay will look like….. • Introduction (1 min) • PEA, EA, EA, EA, L paragraph 1 (14 mins) • PEA, EA, EA, EA, L paragraph 2 (14 mins) • PEA, EA, EA, EA, L paragraph 3 (14 mins) *paragraphs might be shorter/longer depending on length (fingersmiths – longgggg 3rd scene with short 4th scene)
  6. 6. ….because……. • POINT (make a point about how a character is portrayed/represented) this should be a stereotype of sexuality/age/gender etc. – EVIDENCE (about cam samc) evidence from clip to prove above point – ANALYSIS Explanation of evidence……this shows……this suggests….connotes….illustrates….. – EVIDENCE (about MES) – ANALYSIS – EVIDENCE (about editing) – ANALYSIS if you can’t connect something about editing to how they are portrated just explain editing techniques and how they were applied in the clip. i.e. During their conversation, continuity editing allows for flow in the scene, the 180 degree rule was obeyed to place the characters, shot reverse shot and sound bridging allowed the audience to focus on each of the characters facial expressions and dialogue while they conversed. – EVIDENCE (about sound) – ANALYSIS • LINK This re-inforces/challenges the stereotype of __________ because………..
  7. 7. checklist • Do I have a proper brief intro? • Do I have points that explain how characters are ‘represented/portrayed’ that connect to the topic? • Do I have evidence from the clip to back up my points? • Do I explain the meaning of the evidence (this shows, connotes, suggests, illustrates etc • Do I have a RANGE of terms for all 4 categories? • Have I written at least 2 ½ -3 pages? (3 main scenes)
  8. 8. B/A sexuality response
  9. 9. WWW: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Explain with 5 specific examples why this is a good response!
  10. 10. Write 1 PEAL paragraph from a new clip…… • POINT – EVIDENCE (about cam samc) – ANALYSIS – EVIDENCE (about MES) – ANALYSIS – EVIDENCE (about editing) – ANALYSIS – EVIDENCE (about sound) – ANALYSIS • LINK
  11. 11. What do you want to do today? -another clip, talk through together? (reg identity? Ethnicity?) -draft essays? -practice section B response? -sect B revision notes?