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  1. 1. BLOGS
  2. 2. Marks Lowest: 8 (E3) Highest: 16/17 (A3/A2) Average Mark: 12/20 (C3)
  3. 3. Your assessment • Unchecked/highlighted = incorrect/incomplete • Comments beside posts (to remind you to fix it) • No WWW yet as it’s a draft • Know levels for each assessment focus • Read ALL EBI’s – ask me if you don’t know! .
  4. 4. Teacher Feedback • Main comments: group 1 = judy, Group 2 = esere, group 3 = n/a • Assessment records – inconsistencies – Text is different font/size in targets – Cropping of pictures – Sometimes completely unfinished – Some people need to get the copies from me (as you are obviously missing them) • ‘research into similar products’ – Opening sequence record (all the opening sequences you watched in class??? – The chart? EVIDENCE FROM ARTOFTHETITLE.COM (could even have it’s own post about this website!) – Mini film reviews of films you watched (should be at least 10) – Best if you have screen shots and short captions to explain what you liked/learned from the film (or how inspirational to your C/W) • Should include films from film enrichment • Target Audience & Conventions tend to be the weakest presentations – Target Audience – secondary audience, mcquail theory tend to be weak – Conventions – not identifying conventions properly i.e. Characters = characters in drama films tend to be facing inner battles (then explain if you use/develop/challenge and compare the similarity and difference to real films) • More filming pictures which are organised by draft (some people have fantastic evidence of building characters and blood tutorials, getting shots with camera etc) • ALL DRAFTS MUST HAVE A VIDEO – complete or incomplete - if there was no marked paper (some draft s/4) write ‘teacher gave verbal feedback’ and write a few comments of what I told you in the target box • Scripts – some in incorrect form • Editing pictures – screen grabs from MAC – show off your understanding of iMovie and new tools/tricks you can do!!!! (ex freeze frame or sound layering and effects) • A 18-20 should show me: – evidence of a variety of technology you used to complete R&P (ipad apps & ipad tools/websites etc) – Reflection after each draft (vlog or short post on what you thought about your mark – what you want to do for next draft (changes) – Feedback from audience for each draft • Video interview…………….picture with quotes……………..facebook screen grab • Only 2-3 people completed ‘alterations along the way’ – THIS IS A MUST • Draft 2-5 = NO ASSESSMENT RECORDS!!!! • Delete calendar I printed out for you with deadlines • More frequent short/long term time management (calendars or weekly plans) (put once every 3-4 weeks?)
  5. 5. Delete the following posts: • Assessment records in draft 2-5 planning work • Editing and sound tutorial assessment record • Assign 5 assessment record • Assignment 12 part 1 assess record • Assign 20 & 3(cam samc) draft 2– say ‘teacher gave me verbal feedback’ • Assign 15 is narrative theory (labelled wrong)
  6. 6. You must give me…… • A sheet with lists what you added/changed • Or no re-mark
  7. 7. Due Tuesday • I EXPECT IMPROVEMENT!!!!!!!!!! • Split up time – Some tonight – 2 hours sat – 2 hours sun