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Assignment 21 audience feedback for ideas


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Assignment 21 audience feedback for ideas

  1. 1. Assignment 21: Audience Feedback for ideas Purpose: to share your ideas with people to get feedback
  2. 2. 3 parts: • 1) Video = film and edit questions or • 1) Online survey = set up and get people to complete • 2) Summary of results (in a graph is fine) • 3) Explanation of your consideration of summary of results. (What did you learn from doing this? How did what they say influence you?)
  3. 3. Questions to ask audience • 1. What do you think is important to have in a __________ opening sequence and why? • 2. Out of the 4 ideas, which do you like the best for an opening sequence and why? • 3. Out of the 4 ideas, which is the most realistic and practical (such as actors/costume/props/locations) and why? • 4. We are being graded on things like ………so, out of the 4 ideas, which sounds challenging enough to meet the criteria of the mark scheme? • 5. Do you have any other suggestions or advice for our opening sequence?
  4. 4. Each member ask….. • 2-3 people • At least 8 people in total. The more the better!