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Ancillary forms & conventions


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Published in: Business, Design
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Ancillary forms & conventions

  1. 1. Ancillary forms & conventions L/O: to know the forms & conventions and whether real products use/develop/challenge (gather evidence for evaluation question 1)
  2. 2. Evaluation question #1 • In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions or real media products. • FORMS = ? How a product is formed/made/constructed. HOW • CONVENTIONS = ? Familiar and recognizable elements in a product that an audience expect. WHAT , WHY , WHO , WHERE , WHEN • *forms are often conventions, we just have to try to separate them!
  3. 3. DPS Conventions FORMS CONVENTIONS ? ?
  4. 4. DPS & Advert Examples: Do they use/develop/challenge the forms and conventions?
  5. 5. DPS Conventions FORMS Digitally constructed (2 side by side double pages to make landscape Sizes = Margins = .25 Graphic & Image Bleeds CONVENTIONS Enigmatic Visual Hierarchy Primary Image Image(s) represents article Direct address or Diegetic (in image) Captivating Photography style Secondary Image give secondary info Headline Stand first Body Text Drop capital Pull Quote Folio’s Colour schemes By Line & captions
  6. 6. USE (primary image) -1 page photography superb photography skills, excellent MES, bleed of main image EBI – fill light USE (standfirst) -smaller than title, larger than body text, standard placement under headline EBI – too much line spacing and fighting with pull quote DEVELOP (headline) -is very short -box standard placement but lovely font choice & spacing Student design….. DEVELOP (graphic) -soft, feminine graphic as background -creates good movement in layout USE -drop cap -standard -but too Big (fights with title) 6-7/10 USE (body text) -standard font size and serif text, line spacing make good readability USE (body text) standard 2 column grid USE (pull quote) -bolder, bigger, square margin to stand out from body text and keep clear -too much spacing between paragraphs DEVELOP (folio) -just page #21, no brand from magazine
  7. 7. Print Ad Conventions FORMS CONVENTIONS ? ?
  8. 8. Channel 4 stuff……
  9. 9. More channel 4 stuff…. • •
  10. 10. Print Ad Conventions FORMS CONVENTIONS Digitally constructed Portrait or Landscape Sizes = ¼ page, 1/8 page Graphic & Image Bleeds Attention grabbing Enigmatic Visual hierarchy Image represents programme Image reveals main characters One central main image Captivating Photography style Composition often using rule of thirds Direct address or Diegetic (in image) Channel logo Slogan Graphics Colour schemes Limited use of words Program Name Scheduling Info Sometimes hashtag or website
  11. 11. Use, develop or challenge?
  12. 12. Student work!