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Assignment 1 Tut 9 EDUC1751


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Published in: Education
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Assignment 1 Tut 9 EDUC1751

  1. 1. TECHNOLOGICAL ARTEFACT<br />When trying to engage students in learning , the use of technological artefact can be the make or break element in their ability to comprehend what they are required to accomplish.<br />The following presentation gives 2 examples of how technological artefacts can retain the interest of students or confuse and distract them while they are attempting to explore a new task.<br />
  2. 2. Good Teaching v Bad Teachingusing technological artefacts<br />Teaching using “good” technological artefacts can inspire students to learn and to promote their self esteem!<br />Teaching using “bad” technological artefacts can distract students from learning and give them no motivation to explore learning options!<br />