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Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns


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Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns

  1. 1. Demonstrative adjectives & pronouns
  2. 2. What is a demonstrative adjective?• A demonstrative adjective is a word that means this/ that or these/those.• They must agree with gender and number (as with all adjectives) singular pluralmasculine ce (cet before vowel or silent ‘h’) ces (this/ that) (these/ those) feminine cette ces (this/ that) (these/ those)
  3. 3. • To distinguish between this/ these (here) & that/ those (there) you can add -ci or –là after the noun.Cette voiture-ci a fait le tour du monde, mais cettevoiture-là est en panne.Ce matin-là, je m’étais réveillé très tard.Fill in the blanks, then translate:a) _____ chemise-ci b) _____ gants-làc) ______ jogging-là d) ______ baskets-cie) ______ garçon-là f) _____ boulangerie-cig) ______ bananes-ci h) _____ oeufs-là
  4. 4. What is a demonstrative pronoun?• A demonstrative pronoun is a word that means this one/ that one or these ones /those ones.• They must agree with the noun they are referring to in gender and number. singular pluralmasculine celui ceux (this one/ that one) (these ones/ those ones) feminine celle celles (this one/ that one) (these ones/ those ones)
  5. 5. • As with demonstrative adjectives, you use –ci or –là to be more specific.Quel chapeau? Celui-làQuelles chaussettes? Celles-ci• To ask ‘which one?’ or ‘which ones?’ you usethe following pronouns, which must agree with thenoun they refer to singular pluralmasculine lequel? lesquels? feminine laquelle? lesquelles?
  6. 6. On your sheet, complete the dialogue, by fitting thewords from the box below.Answers:1. cette 7. ci2. laquelle 8. celles3. celle 9. ci or là – either works4. ce 10. lequel5. ces 11. celui6. lesquelles