Best british film award baft as nominees


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Best british film award baft as nominees

  1. 1. Best British Film Award (BAFTAs) Nominees for 2010<br /><ul><li>What do you think made them eligible for this nomination?</li></ul>The King’s Speech<br /><ul><li>A very British based storyline & location (King George VI, monarchy in England), potentially heart-warming story about overcoming a trial close to British History (period movie)
  2. 2. Leading actor is prominently British (Colin Firth)
  3. 3. Reviews often commend the acting, visual style and art directing (but misinterpretation of certain historical events) Colin Firth also won the Best Actor Award making the acting seem prominent in the decision for Best British Film (also British supporting Actress Helena Bonham Carter received an Award)
  4. 4. Tom Cooper also received Best Director Award, he is also British.
  5. 5. Received funding from the UK Film Council (now abolished)
  6. 6. Most aspects of the film including cast, director, funding, storyline are all profoundly British and of high quality and thus qualifies for the Best British Film award</li></ul>127 hours <br /><ul><li>Very well known British Director Danny Boyle (SlumHdog Millionaire), talent
  7. 7. Setting and location not British, nor cast
  8. 8. Achievement of making a 2 hour film about a man trapped on his own in a desert but is still good
  9. 9. Main points on reviews focus on style and technical aspects achieved by British director – seems to be most prominent aspect in making the film eligible for nomination. Also received funding from British Film4 company.</li></ul>Another Year <br /><ul><li>Director and cast were all British
  10. 10. Funding from both British and American companies, also received funding from the UK Film Council (now abolished..)
  11. 11. Lesley Manville won numerous award for Best (British) Actress/Supporting Actress suggesting cast & acting was important in being nominated for the Best British Film Award
  12. 12. Genre is comedy/drama which is adopted quite regularly by British filmmakers- tends to have stereotypical British posh grit & swearing (similar to Richard Curtis films)
  13. 13. Director is given high commendation in reviews</li></ul>Four Lions<br /><ul><li>Set in Britain, current issue of terrorism made funny by making the characters stupid as oppose to organised and fearsome
  14. 14. Black comedy, perhaps not a usual British genre of choice
  15. 15. Cast predominantly British, as is Director Chris Morris
  16. 16. Production companies involved all/mainly British also
  17. 17. Seen as a daring black comedy finding humour in places people don’t always see it, potentially risky but successful production which is to be commended – but perhaps not appealing to everyone resulting in nomination, but not win</li></ul>Made in Dagenham<br /><ul><li>Historical British happening (Dagenham strike, Equal Pay Act 1970, against sexual discrimination)
  18. 18. Director, Writer and main cast all British, actress Sally Hawkins reviewed commendably
  19. 19. Economic strife very relevant to Britain (current & past events)
  20. 20. Distributors a mixture of both British and American
  21. 21. Associated with BBC films