The Golden Age of Weimar Revision


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This is the PowerPoint from the Revision session 6/03/2014. Remember it is no substitute for your own revision. I've put the essay plan we created on Twitter as a Popplet Jpeg.

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The Golden Age of Weimar Revision

  1. 1. Recall, select, deploy and communicate relevant historical knowledge clearly and effectively. Demonstrate understanding of the past through explanation, analysis and arriving at substantiated judgements of key concepts (causes/ consequence/ significance/ continuity/ change and relationships between key features.
  2. 2. Uneasy Start (19191923) Consequences of WWI/ The ‘Revolution’ Impact of Treaty of Versailles/ reparations/ guilt/ army/ November Criminals Weimar constitution/ proportional representation/ Article 48/ Coalitions/ President/ Chancellor Uprisings/ Revolts French invasion of the Ruhr/ Hyperinflation Golden Years (19241929) Gustav Stresemann/ Dawes, Young Plans/ Locarno Treaty/ League of Nations/ Kellogg-Briand Pact Weimar Culture Relative political stability. Collapse (1930-1933) Impact of Great Depression/ Rise of Nazis/ Hitler and Propaganda/ Communism/ collapse of central parties/ coalitions/ weakness of Weimar Legacy of Versailles Hindenburg/ Papen/ Schleicher and ‘Backstairs Intrigue’ Reichstag Fire, Enabling Act