How Thesis 2.0 Works


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How does Thesis 2.0 Work? This presentation looks at what Website creation is and where Thesis fits into the scheme of things.

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  • There are three basic elements to web creation and I liken web creation to building a house.
  • You need an address to send people to - URL/Domain NameYou need somewhere to build your house - web hostingYou need materials in which to build your house - computer code
  • For us the computer code comes in the form of WordPress
  • There are many different types of computer code, but the most basic languages/materials areHTML - timber, concrete (framework)CSS - paint, tiles, carpet etcPHP - electrical work
  • WordPress provides the timber and the electrical workThesis provides the bricks and roof tilesThesis skin editor is where you add in the walls, paint, tiles, carpet etcetc
  • Display homes - you walk through display homes to find one with the layout that you likeThis is how a theme works at the moment; you are given the structure and you add your furniture within the structure that's been given to you.
  • You can renovate - change the structure of the theme
  • Thesis 2.0 is where you get to be the architect.You are given the shell of the house and it is up to you to put all the walls into place, create the spaces of your house (content area, sidebars, footer, header, navigation) and build the cabinetry (menu, widgets, posts, pages, forms). Then you have to paint the walls, choose the carpet, tiles, laminates etc - font size and colour, background colours and patterns etc
  • What’s next?Create the structure of our site The rooms of our house.
  • How Thesis 2.0 Works

    1. 1. Thesis 2.0 Website Guide
    2. 2. Creating a website is like building a house… There are three things you need to build your virtual house..
    3. 3. The BasicsDomain Name - An addressyou send your customers to. Web Hosting - A block of land to build on.Computer Code – The materials to build your house
    4. 4. WordPressWordPress providesthe computer code forus – no mess, no fuss!
    5. 5. Computer Code Used In WordPress HTML – Adds the solid timber framework structure. CSS – Makes things pretty with paint, tiles and carpet.PHP – Adds the electricsto make things work!
    6. 6. Thesis 2.0How does Thesis 2.0 fitinto all of this?
    7. 7. You’re the Architect.The Thesis Skin Editoris where YOU add inthe walls, paint, tilesetc
    8. 8. Cookie Cutter Websites.WordPress Themesare like display homes.The design is chosenfor you
    9. 9. Renovations - Ugh! If you want to change anything you need to customize the code.
    10. 10. Build your own house….Thesis 2.0 gives you a shell where you can put everything into place. The ultimate DIY ;)
    11. 11. What’s Next??