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The united states government


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A 5th grade lesson plan on the United States Government. All pictures were taken from google images, they are not my own.

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The united states government

  1. 1. The United States Government
  2. 2. 5th grade Government Standard: I can explain major responsibilities of each of the 3 branches of government. The Legislative Branch The Executive Branch The Judicial Branch I can explain that democracies, dictatorships and monarchies are categories for understanding the relationship between those in power or authority and citizens
  3. 3. Have you ever thought about who runs the government?
  4. 4. Or maybe: What is the government?
  5. 5. Well……The government is a group of adults who make rulesto help people live together peacefully.Kind of like your parents helping to make peace withyour brother’s and sister’s or your teacher trying tomake peace between your class mates.Our countries government tries to help everyone inthe entire country get along and be peaceful.
  6. 6. One important person that you may think of when you think of the government is the President of the United States.Actually he is a big part of the government, but he cannot doeverything on his own, so he needs other people to help him. President Barack Obama
  7. 7. The United States President works at the “National”level of the government along with other men andwomen.National level means the entire country of the UnitedStates.
  8. 8. Since the United States is so big, the president needs helpat the “local” level of the government. He has someone incharge at the state level. So since we live in Ohio, we havea person in charge of the Ohio government.The person who is in charge of Ohio is kind of like thepresident, but only for our state. Instead of being calledpresident, he is called governor. The governor is in chargeof keeping Ohio peaceful and protected.Each state has their own governor.
  9. 9. Here is a picture of the current governor of Ohio
  10. 10. Since each state is so big, the governor needs helptaking care of the state, so each town or city hassomeone to take care of it and help the governor.This person is called the mayor. There are just aboutas many mayors of a state as there are towns andcities.
  11. 11. So, lets review the 3 levels of government:The National level (The entire United States)The State level (The state you live in ex. Ohio)The Local level (the town or city you live in ex. Akron)
  12. 12. Now that you have learned thethree levels of government,there are also 3 branches ofgovernment
  13. 13. The 3 Branches are:
  14. 14. The answer is the system of checks and balances!This means that as a country we don’t want onegroup of people to have all of the power, so we haveto have different groups to represent different views.
  15. 15. So… What does the Executive Branch do?The executive branch is lead by the president.The president is also called the “Commander in Chief”and he is responsible for the military (army, marines,coast guard, navy, seals etc…)The president also makes sure laws are beingfollowedHe is able to sign a law or veto a law
  16. 16. What does sign a law or veto a law mean? If the president signs a law it means that he wants the law to pass, but if he veto’s a law it means he wants it to fail; he does not agree with the law.
  17. 17. What does the Legislative Branch do? The legislative branch is lead by Congress Who is Congress? The Congress in the United States is two groups of people (the Senate and the House of representatives; who we will learn more about in another lesson)that make decisions, along with the president, about the laws of the country.
  18. 18. What is the legislative branch continued….This group of people help to pass lawsApprove how the money from taxes will be spentAnd… if the president does not like a certain law andvetoes it, the Congress can go against the presidentand still pass the law, as long as enough people agreeto it.
  19. 19. What is the Judicial Branch?The only thing that I am going to tell you about the JudicialBranch, is that it is lead by the Supreme Court and federalcourt.Your assignment is to research this branch and give methree more facts about it.Here are some websites that will be helpful for thisassignment.www.congressforkids.net
  20. 20. The last part of your assignment Once you find the information about the judicial branch, look at more information about the other 2 branches and write a one paragraph summary comparing and contrasting the three. I would like for your paragraph to have an introductory sentence, 5 supporting sentences and a concluding sentence. That is a total of at least 7 sentences.