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Climate Change Project (Argentina)


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SAO, Río Negro, CEM Nº 29

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Climate Change Project (Argentina)

  1. 1. Climate change is the greatest environmental threat facing the planet.Since the industrial revolution to today, the burning of fossil fuels (oil, coal and gas), which are used to produce energy, releases greenhouse gases (CO2) into the atmosphere, increasing the temperature of the Earth and causing a distortion in the global climate system.
  2. 2. Humanity stands at a historiccrossroads. Scientists warn that ifglobal temperatures above 2 ° Cwill have catastrophicconsequences. If we cross thisthreshold, the economic, social,political, cultural andenvironmental seriously hurt allregions of the world.
  3. 3. , CAUSESThanks to the presence in the atmosphere of CO2 and other gases responsible for the greenhouse effect of solar radiation that reaches the Earth is held in the atmosphere. As a result of this heat retention, the average temperature on the Earths surface reaches about 60 ° F, which is conducive to the development of life on the planet. However, as a result of burning fossil fuels and other human activities associated with the process of industrialization,
  4. 4. the concentration of these gases in the atmosphere has increased considerably in recent years. This has caused the atmosphere to retain more heat than it should, and is the cause of what we know today as warming or global climate change.
  5. 5. Consequences* Melting of glaciers and other ice masses worldwide permanent (threatening situation the most important freshwater reserves in the world and that will cause the sea level rise)* Increased heat waves, floods and droughts* Expansion of diseases* Collapse of many ecosystems