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Firewalkfundraise 120505163846-phpapp01

  1. 1. FIREWALK + FUNDRAISE Fundraise Without a Marketing Department
  2. 2. Generates a lot of cash and interest Why Choose the Firewalk to Fundraise? Exciting for you, the charity + walkers “Easy” to organise (we help!) Challenge Raise your work and profile
  3. 3. WHAT DO YOU NEED? Indoor space for the pre walk seminar (2hours) + a level, outdoor space near the seminar room where we can build the fire pit. (There’s more, but that’s pretty much it!)
  4. 4. Making Your Event A Huge Success 1. Talk to us – we’ll talk you through it, step by step. 2. Get your venue all sorted (private area is easier than a public space) 3. Get your on and offline publicity material and a plan together 4. Get your fundraising pack ready 5. Recruit your walkers – keep them involved and create a buzz 6. Maintain contact and motivate your brave volunteers 7. Firewalk!
  5. 5. The Two Big Questions and Our Answers… Is it a trick? No. There is a REAL fire. We want to create an event for you that is safe, empowering and doesn’t give your charity a bad name. Safety is our priority. Will I burn my feet? We hope not. This is an empowerment event as well as a brilliant fundraiser. We don’t even want you to get a blister or a hot spot.
  6. 6. Fundraising With A Marketing Department So, you aren’t a big charity, that’s okay: Join us at one of our open events Let us help you, an individual, create a firewalk and fundraise event We can help you with the planning, organising, venue, materials, fundraising packs and your marketing efforts
  7. 7. Visit the website at