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Scenario: new ceo after acquisition


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Published in: Leadership & Management

Scenario: new ceo after acquisition

  1. 1. CLIENT SCENARIO New CEO Copyright 2017 i2i Practical Communications. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. After graduating with a first class degree in Business Studies, Steven went into management consulting for 5 years. He has since been on the fast-track for senior leadership positions with AMX Inc. Steven is now the confident, ambitious new CEO of their latest acquisition, TechNow. Meet Steven…
  3. 3. His challenge is to integrate the business into AMX Inc. and scale it up by professionalising operations. Previously a founder-run start-up, TechNow has 170 employees who are used to working in a close-knit, decentralized community. He’s heard many staff are unhappy that the founder sold the company. How can Steven connect with them? But there’s a problem…
  4. 4. His choice… Steven knew he needed all staff to buy into his vision: that without operational efficiency, they wouldn’t be competitive, and with it, they could grow and develop. He also wanted to get to know the people and the business quickly. He decided to use Mirror Mirror as an alignment process, starting with the Leadership Team.
  5. 5. Mirror Mirror - structured, practical and immediate Improves team clarity and alignment in 3 steps:
  6. 6. Reactions from the Leadership Team members… When Steven‘s direct reports found out their new CEO was going to start by listening to them, they felt heartened, and encouraged. When the alignment report was presented, it was as if a light had gone on. They could see exactly where to start the conversations. They also got to know and like Steven – his drive, passion, and vision.
  7. 7. Reactions from Steven… After running Mirror Mirror, Steven felt relieved and grateful. His new colleagues had been willing to open up and share their perspectives. He had been able to find a bridge between his vision and their views, and knew he had won their trust. At the end of the process, all members of the Leadership Team felt more alignment, clarity, purpose, and motivation.
  8. 8. Prepares teams for success, by providing clarity, alignment and momentum.