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18.06.2014 - INSPIRE Conference 2014, Aalborg, Denmark

In July 2013 Central Statistical Office of Poland (CSO) launched the Geostatistics Portal. The Portal’s database holds vast amounts of statistical data gathered in the 2010-2011 census round. This data can be geovisualized in various ways on choropleth and diagram maps. Building such a powerful tool gives polish official statistics an opportunity to do much more than just to publish census results.

This year a new dataset has been introduced to the Geostatistics Portal – the Local Data Bank. It contains statistical data of a broad scope that are available at a municipality (LAU2) level. The Bank is regularly updated and holds historical statistics as well. Up to now the statistical data was only available for view and download in tables. The Geostatistics Portal provides an extensive set of tools to visualize the data on maps.

Central Statistical Office of Poland actively participates in EU projects that cover merging statistical and geographic data, including presenting statistical data on grids. Methodology developed in these projects will allow CSO to publish georeferenced statistical data in divisions other than administrative. A population map for units below municipality level (statistical regions and census enumeration areas) is to be published, as well as population maps on kilometer grids of various cell sizes.

Even though the Geostatistics Portal already offers a broad choice of geovisualization tools, there are plans for developing new ones. This includes new cartographic presentation methods (e.g. cartograms), a more convenient way to visualize and compare time series and tools for on-the-fly visualization of user-supplied data.

Apart from statistical data and tools to visualize them, the Geostatistics Portal also provides INSPIRE services for themes CSO is responsible for: statistical units and demography. Access to all services (discovery, view, download) is public and free of charge.

Launching of the Geostatistics Portal last year was a giant step forward in providing users with a convenient and intuitive way to access statistical data on maps. With a huge database and a wide range of visualization tools at their disposal, users can design their own dynamic map presentations rather than rely on static maps that were included in publications so far. Central Statistical Office of Poland constantly works on improving the Geostatistics Portal – publishing new data and developing new tools for geovisualization and spatial analysis – all this to bring statistical data closer to the people and authorities and make governance easier on all administrative levels.

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Geostatistics Portal - the multitool for statistics on maps

  1. 1. Geostatistics Portal the multi-tool for statistics on maps Mirosław Migacz Chief GIS Specialist Central Statistical Office of Poland INSPIRE Conference 2014: Inspire for good governance Aalborg, June 18th 2013
  2. 2. • About the project • Functionalities overview • Future developments 2 Agenda
  4. 4. GEOSTATISTICS PORTAL 4 What’sitfor? •statistical data geovisualization •spatial data publishing •network services (INSPIRE)
  5. 5. Statistical data visualization GEOSTATISTICS PORTAL 5 • census results • other sources (e.g. Local Data Bank [2009-now]) Statistical data sources • NUTS 0 > NUTS 1 > NUTS 2 > NUTS 3 > LAU 1 > LAU 2 • country > region > voivodship > subregion > county > municipality Aggregation levels • choropleth maps, • diagram maps, Cartographic presentation methods
  6. 6. Spatial data GEOSTATISTICS PORTAL 6 • statistical regions • census enumeration areas • street network Spatial data produced within official statistics • Statistical Units [SU] • Population Distribution (Demography) [PD] INSPIRE services
  8. 8. Statistical data publishing – data sources Agricultural Census 2010 Population and Housing Census 2011 Local Data Bank • statistical data of a broad scope that are available at a municipality (LAU2) level • data for years: 2009-2012 GEOSTATISTICS PORTAL
  9. 9. Statistical data publishing – cartographic presentation methods GEOSTATISTICS PORTAL 9 • choropleth maps • diagram maps – circle • proportional, • structural, • proportional & structural, – bar • proportional, • structural, • proportional & structural, – complex
  10. 10. Choropleth map GEOSTATISTICS PORTAL 10
  11. 11. Diagram maps GEOSTATISTICS PORTAL 11
  12. 12. Spatial data publishing – statistical units GEOSTATISTICS PORTAL 12
  13. 13. Network services – INSPIRE GEOSTATISTICS PORTAL Central Statistical Office of Poland is the authority responsible for two annex III spatial data themes: statistical units SU population distribution (demography) PD 13
  14. 14. INSPIRE services in the Geostatistics Portal • discovery service – running, • view service: – statistical units – running, – population distribution (demography) – running, • download service: – statistical units – running, compliant with the data specification (GML), – population distribution (demography) – running, published in SHP, will be compliant with the data specification by the end of 2014, • metadata – published for existing data sets and services. GEOSTATISTICS PORTAL
  16. 16. Future developments advanced spatial analysis on microdata publishing statistical data on grids population map on a level lower than LAU2 Local Data Bank – full scope new cartographic presentation methods tools for analysis of time series on-the-fly visualization of user-supplied data new INSPIRE services mobile application GEOSTATISTICS PORTAL
  17. 17. Advanced spatial analysis on microdata all census results collected with reference to an address point spatial analysis possible in any desired area available for users within official statistics
  18. 18. Advanced spatial analysis on microdata official statistics is in possession of enormous amounts of data at a very detailed level (address point) data cannot be distributes „as is” due to statistical confidentiality issues it is necessary to develop a tool that will allow statisticians to perform advanced spatial analyses and publish results that meet confidentiality requirements official statistics is the only institution capable of creating such products: •pool of experts with domain knowledge •statistical data no other institution can process
  19. 19. Publishing statistical data on grids GEOSTATISTICS PORTAL 19 GEOSTAT project Merging statistical data and geospatial information
  20. 20. Local Data Bank – full scope a huge database with lots of historical statistical data most data available for years 2003-2013
  21. 21. Population map on a level lower than LAU2 GEOSTATISTICS PORTAL 21 cadastral units statistical regions census enumeration areas
  22. 22. New cartographic presentation methods GEOSTATISTICS PORTAL 22 cartograms
  23. 23. Time series analysis GEOSTATISTICS PORTAL 23 historical data in the Local Data Bank • at the moment available for download as tables convenient and user-friendly way to analyze time series • coexistence of territorial division borders for various years
  24. 24. Visualization of user-supplied data
  25. 25. New INSPIRE services • statistical gridsSU • population data on gridsPD
  26. 26. Mobile application iOS Android Windows Phone
  27. 27. Other plans a more user-friendly interface for thematic maps • on-the-fly modifications upgrade of the website’s CMS • W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines upgrade of the usage monitoring system • hit counters for specific webpages, modules, services • INSPIRE services monitoring tools for administrators • user management upgrade • language version manager • test environment
  28. 28. Geostatistics Portal – summary access to a huge amount of data: • census results, • Local Data Bank a variety of cartography presentation methods INSPIRE compliant services ambitious plans for the future GEOSTATISTICS PORTAL 28
  29. 29. Mirosław Migacz Chief GIS Specialist Central Statistical Office of Poland @mireslav Geostatistics Portal the multi-tool for statistics on maps