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A Miron Construction Case Study

America's Firs...
“It was clear to us from the beginning that the                Recover I n would be… must be fferen .
of their competitors)? What experience
created their uncontested space? Was it
pricing, advertising, marketing, facilities...
WHAT WE DISCOVERED                             We identified the desired outcomes for
So, what did we determine patients we...
“ The Recovery Inn will allow our medical team to care for more patients in Northeast
Wisconsin and beyond, all of whom wi...
The Recovery Inn:
                                                                                       At The Orthopedic...
IN CONCLUSION                                   Simply put, we facilitate each patient’s         RESULTS
Miron is committed to building more than just         design partners to create unique, differentiating
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Experience-Based Design Healthcare Construction: Orthopedic Recovery Inn


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The Recovery Inn is an addition to the Orthopedic and Sports Institute Ambulatory Surgery Center. Its purpose is to provide extended stay healing space and care for individuals who have undergone full joint replacement surgery. The Recovery Inn was established to allow patients with orthopedic issues to be treated compassionately, efficiently, cost-effectively, and with reduced healing time, all at one location.

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Experience-Based Design Healthcare Construction: Orthopedic Recovery Inn

  1. 1. THE RECOVERY INN AT THE ORTHOPEDIC & SPORTS INSTITUTE OF THE FOX VALLEY A Miron Construction Case Study America's First Recovery Inn for Orthopedics Vision: To create an extraordinary extended-stay TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE experience that is radically unique, relevant to our Each time a patient enters a healthcare facility and interacts with the people, processes, and systems in place, they have patients’ needs, and memorable. some kind of experience. e question is: Is it an experience that is forgettable or memorable, meaningful or meaningless PICTURE THIS . . . or just plain horrible? It’s midnight. You’re lying in a hospital bed amidst bright lights, beeping machines, and blinking monitors. Your hospital On a recent McKinsey survey1, patients were asked to allocate gown does little for your modesty, and less in keeping you 100 points among the factors that influence their decision- warm. ere is an endless parade of doctors, nurses and making process when it comes to choosing a hospital. Survey specialists coming in and out of your room, often times talking results showed that, on average, 20 percent of the respondents’ to each other as if you aren’t even there. In the hallway, carts choice is based on a hospital’s clinical reputation. Remarkably, with medical supplies roll by and you can hear people at the 41 percent is based on the hospital’s nonclinical reputation– in nurses’ station discussing plans for the upcoming weekend. Just other words, the hospital’s image as it relates to the patient experience. A doctor’s recommendation and the hospital’s as you begin to drift off to sleep, you are awoken by someone location account for the remainder of respondents’ decision- looking for yet another blood sample. Multiple painful pokes making criteria. later, they’re gone. Too bad the searing pain where your hips used to be isn’t. 1 McKinsey Quarterly Q4, 2009.
  2. 2. “It was clear to us from the beginning that the Recover I n would be… must be fferen . Satisfying our patients is not good enough. Emotionally attaching our patients to the O &S I will create and sustain the ea a ient erienc .” CURT KUBIAK E D OSI PROJECT DESCRIPTION New healthcare research underscores just intensifies, healthcare facilities must move how important nonclinical elements have beyond simply fixing problems. ey need The Recovery Inn is an addition to become. A survey of more than 2,000 to redesign their organizations, facilities, the Orthopedic and Sports Institute US patients with commercial insurance and methods to attract and retain not only Ambulatory Surgery Center. Its purpose or Medicare revealed that most of them new patients but also top talent keenly is to provide extended stay healing are willing to switch healthcare providers focused on ensuring an extraordinary space and care for individuals who have for better service and more desirable patient experience at every touch point. undergone full joint replacement surgery. amenities. In fact, many patients are The Recovery Inn was established to he research was clear. already asking their physicians to refer allow patients with orthopedic issues to them to specific facilities specializing in So was the need for change. be treated compassionately, efficiently, personalized care. cost-effectively, and with reduced LEARNING FROM LEADERS healing time, all at one location. Healthcare facilities generate most of S ome ver y successful companies— their profits from commercially-insured Southwest Airlines, Apple, and Panera patients. Before selecting a healthcare Bread, for example—focus their efforts facility, these patients are more likely on ‘attaching’ their customers as a natural than not to weigh the nonclinical aspects order of business. How do the best-of- of their upcoming visit. Therefore, as the-best command their market share competition for commercial patients (in some cases, five to seven times that 2
  3. 3. of their competitors)? What experience created their uncontested space? Was it pricing, advertising, marketing, facilities, innovation, or service? To find these answers, we took a good look at the ser vice world f rom their perspective . . . meaning, from the outside in. Through our research, we learned that each best-of-the-best organization uses experience-based design tools to intentionally create positive emotional outcomes for their customers. at’s the good news. e not-so-good news is, few healthcare organizations systematically seek to understand what patients value in the nonclinical aspects of their visits. To set ourselves apart in the world of orthopedics, we asked our patients, and experience. Who better to walk through CHALLENGE ourselves, what the ideal service experience the experience than those who live it each looks like—each step, each process, each Design and build the Recovery Inn and every day? system, each person involved. By working of the future: A place where patient in this nontraditional way, we identified rough a collaborative process known comfort and care are the top priorities. the people, processes, and systems required as Innovation Teams, employees f rom to achieve the ser vice goals for each various areas came together to answer the SOLUTION impression area. following difficult questions: Designed and built a healthcare facility NEXT STEPS What will help our patients heal faster? unlike any other. One that not only resembles an upscale hotel with all of the Members of the Orthopedic & Sports What will ensure a positive and associated amenities, but also promotes Institute team set out with a very specific memorable experience for their family members? faster recovery times, a better patient vision in mind: To create an extraordinary experience, and delivers recovery care at extended-stay experience that is radically How is OSI unique, both within and a significant cost savings compared to unique, relevant to our patients’ needs and outside of the healthcare industry? traditional hospitals and skilled nursing memorable. Are we relevant and do our services facilities. How did we achieve it? e first step to meet the current needs of our patients? exploring our ideal patient experience by Would our patients defend our asking difficult questions and taking the organization and our services? time to listen to the answers. e answers to these questions, along with in-depth What kind of f irst impression do we research, provided our team with the make? knowledge and foresight to move forward What are we best at? on our exciting journey toward reaching the next level of orthopedic care. What can we bring to market f irst? What sets us apart from similar With the assistance of the design and organizations? construction team, Performa, Inc. and Miron Construction Co., Inc., OSI staff Is there a compelling reason for our members and physicians were brought patients to return? together as co-creators of the ideal patient A Miron Construction Case Study
  4. 4. WHAT WE DISCOVERED We identified the desired outcomes for So, what did we determine patients were every impression area in the Recovery seeking in an extended-stay experience? Inn. is nontraditional approach helped ey were searching for a sense of control our innovation teams clearly understand over all aspects of their environment, from the vision for each phase of the ideal food to medication to privacy. ey were patient experience. We set out to build a looking for place that felt like home, where space where we could develop emotional, their family members were integrated into meaningful, and memorable relationships the entire process. ey desired a space with our patients at every impression area that conveyed a luxury hotel room feel, a within the Recovery Inn. space that exemplified comfort, warmth and respect. Ultimately, what they wanted IMPRESSION AREA 1: was personalized service in all aspects of The Experience Begins the design. Balancing the priorities of physicians and their patients is critical for the Recovery IMPRESSION AREAS Inn and OSI’s overall goal to create and We knew that incremental change would sustain the ideal patient experience. At not deliver our service promise. And so, the heart of the process is “Joint Venture,” we started over. With a clean slate, we OSI’s pre-surger y education process. built the Recovery Inn from the inside Seven to 14 days prior to surgery, Care out and the outside in. We mapped every Coordination begins with the patient’s process, every connection point, to better guided, personalized experience and OSI’s understand what worked and what didn’t. warm, f riendly Welcome Book. When surgery dates are selected, “Joint Venture” is scheduled. Patients and their families 4
  5. 5. “ The Recovery Inn will allow our medical team to care for more patients in Northeast Wisconsin and beyond, all of whom will benefit from a cost-effective, top-quality, upscale-service environment.” DAVID EGGERT, MD Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, Orthopedic & Sports Institute join OSI’s Care Coordination team to care process is critical to ensuring that begin the pre-surgery education process. patient and family first impressions are During Joint Venture, personalized patient solidly in the “WOW” category. Along information is gathered. Patients are asked our journey, we learned that family what they like to eat, drink, read, watch, members want to be involved in all and listen to. is information is added to discussions relating to the care of their a central database to ensure that Recovery loved ones. To this end, OSI physicians Inn caregivers provide service with a and staff keep families well-informed in personal touch. person and face-to-face. Families, too, want to feel welcome, cared for and safe. IMPRESSION AREA 2: We also learned how important it is for Expecting the Best (from ourselves) the physician/family consult area to be With ‘time poverty’ affecting us all, the a comfortable, private space. Safety, pain last thing we want to do is wait a minute control, privacy, confidence, comfort, longer than necessary—or worse, duplicate respect, individualized attention, and our efforts. Our recent patient process- convenience help ensure patients and flow study produced an amazing result. families remain informed and happy. With the addition of the Recovery Inn’s comprehensive educational and guided- care process, time spent by the patient in registration, diagnostics, and lab was reduced by 30 percent! Streamlining the A Miron Construction Case Study
  6. 6. The Recovery Inn: At The Orthopedic & Sports Institute of the Fox Valley FEATURES OF THE TWELVE IMPRESSION AREA 3: This is how it should go. For starters, PRIVATE HEALING SUITES iDesign Patient Suite patient discharge should not start on the last day of a patient’s stay. And yet, this When patients feel in charge of their Floor-to-ceiling windows with practice is traditional and decades old. healing experience, they also feel less pleasant landscaped views At the Recovery Inn, a new, effective and stressed, less anxious and more positive comprehensive discharge process was regarding what happens to them in the A spacious, private bathroom created, one that begins on Day 0, and ends healthcare setting. To this end, OSI’s right next to the patient’s bed with the patient receiving their discharge Joint Venture pre-education program not information in their preferred format. only helps patients thoroughly understand Large roll-in shower with what to expect at every stage of their convenient pull-down seat ADDITIONAL UNIQUE FEATURES scheduled procedure, it encourages them OF THE FACILITY to be active participants in the design of Roomy closet with access from their Recovery Inn experience. Simply Personalized family parking and within the room and bathroom luggage transfer through bell assistance asking patients, before they arrive, the types of snacks and beverages they like, Concierge services Nightstands and lamps; comfortable what kind of music they prefer, which liftchairs and guest settees movies they’ve been waiting to see, and Personal Care Team what books and magazines they like to Café with fresh, made-to-order meals In-room refrigerator for beverages, read is unusual enough. For patients to and personal chefs on staff snacks, and ice packs enter their Recovery Inn healing suite on day one and find their favorite snacks and No hallways; open, clear-view Soothing cove lighting and environment beverages, their preferred reading material, healing suite nightlights and an iPod pre-loaded with their favorite Family gathering center designed like music and movies is absolutely, positively upscale hotel lobby with f ireplace, 42” flat-screen TV, DVD player extraordinary. flat-screen TV, comfy furniture, medical and wireless Internet access library and nursing station for easy family access IMPRESSION AREA 4: Aesthetically pleasing message boards to keep patients A Fond Farewell Patient pain control - constantly tracked and monitored. Anesthesia services are and families well-informed is is how it usually goes. It’s your last on call throughout each patient’s stay. day as a patient. After hours of staring at Personalized, long-acting blocks and Enhanced infection- the ceiling, you’re beyond ready to leave. pain pumps help ensure patient comfort reduction elements All you want is to be in the comfort of Innovative, comfy OrthoPants: No more your own home. You can’t wait to see your open-back hospital gowns! bed, your couch, a TV that’s not suspended from the ceiling. At last, it’s time to go Personalized physical therapy and home. At 3 p.m. people in scrubs gather healing walkway for post-surgery around your bed to issue instructions and rehabilitation tell you things to remember as you recover. Advocate to help patient and family There are fond farewells and detailed navigate the insurance process, assisting instructions about your pain medication, in sorting out f inancial issues that can your anticoagulant, your home healthcare, detract from an exceptional healing experience the equipment that will help you get around, the follow-up appointments with Prescription pick-up before departure; your surgeon . . . everything you need to no need for a trip to the pharmacy hear. But not right then. Seamless connection between imaging, exam, surgery, physical therapy and recovery 6
  7. 7. IN CONCLUSION Simply put, we facilitate each patient’s RESULTS entire treatment plan . . . from pre-operative It was not the intent of The Recovery testing, to surgery, to pain management, to Average rate of infection at Inn team to simply compete but, post-operative therapy. It’s all here, under Wisconsin hospitals: 5-6% rather, to change the rules of the one roof. Our ultimate goal is to ensure Average rate of infection at game. And the Recovery Inn is doing that our patients return to the lifestyles OSI Recovery Inn: 0% just that. they enjoyed before their injury as safely Average readmission rate at and quickly as possible. No infections. No Wisconsin hospitals: 12% As much as it is important to understand readmissions. ey leave our facility with Average readmission rate at each patient’s particular needs and concerns, nothing but healing on the horizon. unique though they are, they all have two OSI Recovery Inn: 0% things in common. One, they prefer not Services at OSI Recovery Inn to have to deal with their injury. And two, cost, on average, one third less now that they need to deal with it, they than services at a comparable prefer a pain-free experience. With these hospital. shared preferences well in mind, we help improve our patients’ outlook by providing Patient healing time has been extraordinary, personalized service and reduced by 8 hours. exceptional pain management. A Miron Construction Case Study
  8. 8. Miron is committed to building more than just design partners to create unique, differentiating buildings. We believe wholeheartedly in partnering experiences that exceed client expectations. We with our clients to develop solutions that deliver know it is no longer enough to simply satisfy. business results. For many, that means increasing At the end of the day, it’s all about helping their bottom line, or enhancing their ability to our clients be successful. Experience-Based CONTACT: Steve Tyink recruit and retain the best and brightest. For Design is just one way we’re helping clients 920.969.7047 others, it’s giving them a competitive edge. Our deliver on their promises. steve.tyink@miron- Experience-Based Design services offer our clients the ability to distinguish themselves in an Simply stated, our commitment increasingly competitive marketplace. That is why reaches beyond construction; we are committed to collaborating with owners and our passion brings dreams to life!