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Exploring Java 9 with REPL


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JShell, Java’s read-eval-print-loop implementation, can provide a valuable addition to your workflow and introduces patterns that make exploration of new APIs faster and easier. Although it is undoubtedly one of the more interesting new features of Java 9, there are almost 100 other JEPs covering various smaller and bigger features. This session teaches you how to effectively work with JShell, and it does so by exploring several powerful, less-known features in JDK 9.

JavaOne 2017

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Exploring Java 9 with REPL

  1. 1. Exploring Java 9 with REPL Miro Cupak Senior Software Engineer, DNAstack 04/10/2017
  2. 2. APIs • Convenience factory methods for collections. • Stream API enhancements. • CompletableFuture API improvements. • Stack-walking API. • Process API updates. • HTTP 2 client.
  3. 3. Live demo
  4. 4. Questions? @mirocupak