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Exploring Java 9 APIs with JShell


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One of the more interesting features of the latest release of the Java platform is undoubtedly JShell, Java’s Read-Eval-Print-Loop implementation, which makes exploration of new APIs faster and easier. The release, however, packs many other smaller and less-known features and APIs. Through this talk, you will learn how to effectively work with JShell, and discover features of Java 9 with its help.

TJUG 2017.

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Exploring Java 9 APIs with JShell

  1. 1. Exploring Java 9 APIs with JShell Miro Cupak Senior Software Engineer, DNAstack 26/10/2017
  2. 2. APIs • Collection. • Optional. • Stream. • CompletableFuture. • Stackwalker. • Process. • HTTP/2 Client. • JShell. TJUG @mirocupak
  3. 3. Live demo TJUG @mirocupak
  4. 4. Questions? TJUG @mirocupak More info: Session notes on Twitter. Blog: