Mr. Tripp: Manson Family Cult


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Mr. Tripp: Manson Family Cult

  1. 1. The Manson FamilyRikka Agtarap, Adrian Valencia, & Mirna Cabrera
  2. 2. Cult?A relatively small group of people having practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.
  3. 3. Creator Of The Manson Family Charles Milles MansonNovember 12, 1934 - Present
  4. 4. The Manson FamilyPatricia Krenwinkel Susan Atkins Bobby Beausoleil Mary Brunner Lynette Fromme Linda Kasabian Paul Watkins Charles Watson Leslie Van Houten There is said to be many more members, but these are the main killers and accomplice.
  5. 5. Manson’s History1948-1967-When age camp in Virginia-At the to a of 14 Manson had ranand moved into 2 schoolsaway and escaped differentand aplace and ended Indianapolis.juvenile center inup in FederalReformatory-He had escaped to Rosalie was married the IndianaWillis.schools 18 times.-He stole a car drove toFlorida.
  6. 6. -He had spend a coupleof years in probation, inTerminal Island, triedescape.-In 1959 he was arrestedfor trying to cash forgedU.S. Treasury check for37.50 in L.A.-He married Leona-He asked permission togo to San Francisco-In 1967 The Mansonfamily lived in Cole St.San Francisco
  7. 7. -Charles Mansonevangelized that there would be a race war.-With blacks and whites, his interpretation of some songs. -The Manson family started out with drug use andsexuality. They spent time in the Family bus.
  8. 8. Spahn Ranch Lynette Fromme“Squeaky” a memberof the Manson Family had relationships to say at Spahn Ranch owned by George Spahn.On 1968 they changed theirheadquarters in Death Valley
  9. 9. Nov. 1968The Manson Familygathered in DeathValley , Manson wasobsessed with TheBeatles and he saidthat band had subtlemessages in theirsongs.
  10. 10. -An Apocalypsewould happenaccording toManson’stranslation ofsome words intheir song“Helter Skelter” They wanted to do their own album of songs with messages that predicted chaos like the ones The Beatles did. They would kill people, they said it was a war between Blacks and Whites.
  11. 11. Devil’s Hole
  12. 12. Yellow SubmarineJanuary 1969 they moved here because they believed it would “submerged beneath the awareness of the outside world” and named it the Yellow Submarine another song of The Beatles.
  13. 13. “Blackie was trying to get at the chosen ones” May 18, 1969 Watson defrauded a drug dealer Crowe.Crowe threaded to wipe out Spahn RanchThey believed this was a signal that showed Helter Skelter.
  14. 14. Manson shot Crowe He believe he had killed him because of a new report that said they discover a dead body of the Black Panthers. But Crowe wasn’t a Black Panther(A Black Power Movement, also for U.S. politics)
  15. 15. Hinman’s Murder July 25, 1969Manson sentBobby Beausoleilalong with MaryBrunner and SusanAtkins to the homeof Gary Hinman. Totell him to giveManson money thathe thought Hinmanhad inherited.
  16. 16. The 3 held Hinmanas a hostage for 2 days, Manson should up andslashed Himan on the ear. ThenBeausoleil stabbed him to death.
  17. 17. Manson then told them to useHinman’s blood to write “Political piggy” and draw apanther paw on thewall, a symbol used by the Black Panther.
  18. 18. Charles Fame Charles Manson wanted revenge on the producer Terry Melcher, forstopping Manson on fame, Terry use to live in the home of Sharon Tate.
  19. 19. Sharon Tate
  20. 20. Murder At Sharon Tate Home Aug. 9, 1969 Around Midnight Watson Cut Sharon’s phone line. Watson killed the driver Steven Parent, with a 22 Caliber revolver.
  21. 21. Steve nParen t
  22. 22. Wojciech Frykowski Then Watson came in the house threw a window kicked Frykowski in thehead then Frykowski asked Watson who he was hesaid "Im the devil, and Im here to do the devils business.
  23. 23. Watson began to tieSharon Tate and Sebringtogether around their neck.Sebring protested that toleave Sharon alone becauseshe was pregnant.
  24. 24. Jay SebringSebring said he should get shot rather thenTate and he was slab 7 times.
  25. 25. Atkins stabbed at Sebring’slegs with the knife with which she had been guarding him. As he fought his way toward and out the front door, onto the porch, Watson joined in against him. Watson struck him over the head with the gun multiple times, stabbedhim repeatedly, and shot him twice.
  26. 26. Kasabian heard all thenoise of the stabbingand shooting. To tryand stop them she toldAtkins falsely thatsomeone was coming.
  27. 27. Abigail FolgerShe had escaped to threw a room and to the pool area,pursued to the front lawn by Krenwinkel.She stabbed her and finally caught her. Then Watson dispatcher her, she was stabbed 28 times.
  28. 28. As Frykowski wasgoing across thelawn, Watsonmurdered him witha furry of 51 stabs.
  29. 29. Tate was still in the house begged to let her live for her babythat still wasn’t born.She was stabbed 16 times, according toWatson when she was dying she cried “Mother…mother…”
  30. 30. Manson had said to them “leave a sign... something witchy” Atkins wrote on the “Death to Pigs”Pigs was wrote because Manson believe that one of The Beatles songs“Piggies.” This terms was used by Panthers, and they wanted to trick cops in making them believe it was them.
  31. 31. LaBianca MurderThe night afterTate’s murderLeslie Van Houten,Steven Grogan, andthe 4 others whenout with Manson, hewould show themhow to do it. Theyarrived in 3301Waverly Drive, inLos Feliz.
  32. 32. It was home to Leno and Rosemary LaBianca, theyentered the home. They were both stabbed to death.Mrs. LaBianca wasstabbed 41 times.Mr. LaBianca had 14 puncturedwounds stab with a fork, they spelled out “war.”
  33. 33. They wrote on the walls “Rise”And “Death to Pigs” As well as “Healter Skelter”
  34. 34. Where Is The Manson Family Now? Charles Manson was denied patrol for the 12 th time. Van Houten was denied patrol for the 17th time.Sharon Tate’s sister Debra got about 60 letters from Van Houten asking about the patrol.