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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. THE PAST SIMPLE TENSE USEThe Past Simple is used:1. to talk about actions or situations completed at a definite time in pastI visited Berlin last week.Andrew watched TV yesterday.2. even when the exact time when the eventhappened is not mentioned , but it is clear that theaction is finished.I bought these shoes in London.
  2. 2.  In English there are REGULAR VERBS and IRREGULAR VERBS For REGULAR VERBS add –ed to the verb I workED for ten hours yesterday.
  4. 4. TO BEsingular pluralI was We wereYou were You wereHe/she/it was They were QUESTIONSsingular pluralWas I? Were we?Were you? Were you?Was he/she/it? Were they? POSITIVE NEGATIVESingular plural Singular pluralYes, I was Yes, we were No, I was No, we were not/wasn’t not/weren’tYes, you Yes, you No, you were No, youwere were not/weren’t were not/weren’tYes, he/she Yes, they No, he/she/it No, theyit was were was were not/wasn’t not/weren’t
  5. 5. THE PAST SIMPLE TENSE FORMsingular pluralI worked We workedYou worked You workedHe/she/it worked They worked
  6. 6. QUESTIONSsingular pluralDid I workED? Did we workED?Did you workED? Did you workED?Did he/she/it workED? Did they workED?* We use DID, the Past Simple form of DO, to make questions.•ED is not added to the verb because DID already marks that we aretalking about Past Simple
  7. 7. POSITIVE ANSWERSsingular pluralYes , I did Yes, we didYes, you did Yes, you didYes, he/she/it did Yes, they did
  8. 8. NEGATIVE ANSWERSsingular pluralNo, I did not/didn’t work No, we did not/didn’tNo, you did not/didn’t No, you did not/didn’tNo, he/she/it did not/didn’t No, they did not/didn’t•You can say : No, I didn’t. orNo, I didn’t workED for 10 hours yesterday.
  9. 9. SPELLING RULESVerb ending -ed formCONSONANTS + echange changeDCONSONANTS + Y Delete -y, add -iedstudy studiedVOWEL +Y No changeplay playedSHORT VOWEL + Double the consonantCONSONANT/tap tappedstop stopped
  10. 10. THE PAST SIMPLE TENSE WITH IRREGULARVERBSIRREGULAR VERBS have different forms for The PastSimple which we have to learn.I went home at 10.Infinitive Past Simple *past participleGo wentwent goneDo did done * Form of the verb which we will need for some tenses (Present Perfect, Past Perfect)
  11. 11. THE PAST SIMPLE TENSE WITH IRREGULAR VERBS questions positive answer negative answer Did Yes, I /you/he/we / No, I /you/he/we / I/you/he/we/they they did. they did not / didn’t. went go?