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Personal Learning Network


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Personal Learning Network

  1. 1. Personal Learning Network (PLN)
  2. 2. Note 1:What leadership advice would yougive your younger self?
  3. 3. Note 2:Identify a book or other piece ofeducational literature that youwould recommend to your peers
  4. 4. Learning should take placeEVERY DAY – ANYTIME, ANYWHERE
  5. 5. Person tweeting and their twitter handle # (hashtag) makes tweet searchableRT – retweet (copy and paste) Twitter handle of recipient of the tweet - Person they are sending the tweet to Hyperlink – (site that shortens links)
  6. 6. My PLN – A Community of Practice• A Community of Practice (CoP) – Develop member capabilities – Build and exchange knowledge – Large knowledge-base• Benefits of CoP (Wenger, 1998) – Foster discussion – Steward competencies – Establish identity• Increasing your connections with others
  7. 7. My PLN – Social Media• Benefits: - Exposure to new ideas - Assist problem-solving - Broaden our perspectives - beyond the local, into a more global, world-view - Offer professional feedback - Resources - Collaboration - Reflection
  8. 8. “It’s about making learningtransparent and making learning visible to others” Couros, 2012 #CEO_APs