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Soldier Slideshow


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Collections of photos and information from a soldier that corresponded with Carroll Elementary 6th grade students as a result of the Pocket Flag Project

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Soldier Slideshow

  1. 1. “Photo of me at KBR camp. That is where I lived in a 10X16 trailer for 40 months.”“Receiving an award”
  2. 2. “I saw a few of these in Iraq…”“Iraqi Kids wanting to say Hi to the American Kids. 2008”
  3. 3. “Made out of wood by the Americans. Balad, Iraq 2010”
  4. 4. “ Yikes! BIG SPIDERS”
  5. 5. “Leaving for a night mission, they are very dangerous and scary. The other two men are from Ghana Africa.”“Inspecting truck before leaving on mission.”
  6. 6. “I am on a night mission… and they are scary & dangerous!” “Driving in convoywith your Pocket Flag with me.”
  7. 7. “Leaving for a mission to Baghdad. We have our armor vest, helmet, and flight suit on.”“Mortar Attack!”
  8. 8. “Going into Baghdad.” “Sadam’s Palace”
  9. 9. Sadam’s Carriage“Made out of Gold” “Thanksgiving Day at Camp Anaconda”
  10. 10. “Leaving for convoy mission” “Sand Stormat Camp Anaconda Balad, Iraq
  11. 11. “U.S. Military helicopter”“Angel wings flaresfrom the chopper”
  12. 12. “Dangerous Mission” “U.S. Military found these two IED’s. And exploded them. Good Job E.O.D…!”
  13. 13. “Yes, contractors lose there lives too!” “A Fallen Soldier”
  14. 14. “The picture says it all…”