Lcc land use 02 2010


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Lcc land use 02 2010

  1. 1. Land UsePlanningIn Carroll County LeadershipCarroll CountyFebruary 10, 2010
  2. 2. Planning is Fun! Why the Project Was Started▪ Carroll County Ordinances have not been thoroughlyreviewed and updated since 1971▪ Developers require up-to-date ordinances so they canplan effectively▪ Land Use Planning helps to encourage complementaryland use and discourage conflicting land use.
  3. 3. Step 1 - Comprenhensive Plan Carroll County Comprehensive Plan Project Comp Plan Planning Begins January 2008 Time Line
  4. 4. Why Have a Plan?Goals and Objectives of Comprehensive Plan▪ Indiana Law Requires a Plan ▸ IC 36-7-4-501▪ You must have a PLAN in order to ZONE ▸ Indiana law requires a comprehensive plan before a county may enact zoning ordinances
  5. 5. The Carroll County Plan Elements of the Carroll County Plan▪ Land Use Management▪ Economic Development▪ Transportation▪ Environment▪ Public Infrastructure and Services
  6. 6. Land Use Management Growth, Quality of Life, Preserve Community Character ▪ Minimize Land Use Conflicts ▪ Protect prime ag land ▪ Focus growth near municipalities (infrastructure) ▪ Promote business and industry growth ▪ Encourage adequate housing
  7. 7. Economic Development Strengthen, Diversify, Attract Jobs, Encourage Entrepreneurs▪ Attract and Retain industry▪ Promote economic growth▪ Foster small business▪ Build upon existing Ag base
  8. 8. Transportation Network for Business,Industry and Recreation▪ Maintain and improve existing roadways▪ Enhance efficient road network▪ Encourage expansion of airport▪ Promote alternative transportation▪ Provide opportunity for transportationoptions near HHC
  9. 9. Environment Preserve, Protect -Environment and Cultural Features▪ Protect water quality and water resources▪ Minimize conflicts between built andnatural environment▪ Conserve existing natural areas▪ Focus growth near municipalities▪ Preserve Historic and Cultural Resources▪ Consider long-term planning for limestonequarry▪ Consider development of landfill to handlelocally-generated waste in anenvironmentally friendly manner
  10. 10. Public Infrastructure and Services Essential Services - Orderly Growth ▪ Discourage development that burdens the County’s resources ▪ Coordinate emergency services ▪ Develop and implement County-wide building inspection and code enforcement program
  11. 11. Municipal Elements City of Delphi▪ Ensure land use patterns support cohesive and compact futuredevelopment that is fiscally responsible.▪ Promote the growth and development of business and industry.▪ Improve the quality and increase the quantity of housingopportunities.▪ Promote community character▪ Provide a safe, appropriate and efficient transportation network.▪ Protect historic and natural resources.
  12. 12. Incorporated Towns Burlington, Camden, Yeoman▪ Preserve Small Town Character and Rural Charm▪ Pursue Opportunities for economic development thatare consistent with the desired small town character▪ Maintain and improve infrastructure and public services▪ Protect historic and natural resources
  13. 13. Comprehensive PlanPrepared, Public Review, Completed, Adopted Comp Plan Comp PlanPlanning Begins January 2008 Adopted November 2008Time Line
  14. 14. Step 2 - County Zoning Ordinances Review and Update Ordinances▪ Area Plan Commission charged the Steering Committee toupdate the Carroll County ordinances▪ Steering Committee meets (approximately) monthly▪ Website created to put drafts and progress reports at thepublic’s fingertips ▸ Comp Plan Comp Plan Zoning Update BeginsPlanning Begins January 2008 Adopted November 2008 January 2009Time Line
  15. 15. Ordinance Priorities Overlay Districts Adopted First to Meet Urgent Needs▪ Flood Hazard Overlay– Required by Law before qualifyfor federal disaster aid▪ Hoosier Heartland Corridor Overlay – Encourageorganized and beneficial development prior and during theconstruction of the HHC▪ Wind Towers Overlay – Interest in putting Wind Towersin Carroll County brought this section to the forefront Comp Plan Comp Plan Zoning Update Begins Overlays AdoptedPlanning Begins January 2008 Adopted November 2008 January 2009 November 2009Time Line
  16. 16. Current Status Working Toward General Provisions ▪ General Districts ▸ Residential ▸ Commercial ▸ Industrial ▸ Agricultural ▸ Overlay Comp Plan Comp Plan Zoning Update Begins Overlays Adopted Project CompletionPlanning Begins January 2008 Adopted November 2008 January 2009 November 2009 2010Time Line
  17. 17. Challenges and Opportunities in Developing New Ordinances Encourage Growth - Discourage Conflict▪ Remain true to the Goals of the Comprehensive Plan▪ Acknowledge concerns of the public expressed inComprehensive Plan meetings ▸ Protect and preserve residential and natural resources ▸ Protect and preserve agricultural heritage ▸ Pretect and preserve historic and environmental assets ▸ Encourage and welcome compatible new growth▪ Provide a user-friendly document that is easy tounderstand and apply ▸ Permitted Use Tables
  18. 18. Other Goals Advances in Land Use Planning▪ Implement GIS mapping in every County Department▪ Include public-access mapping and information ▸ For the public ▸ For developers▪ Encourage training for Area Plan Commissioners, APC Director andother County officials so that land use goals are well-understood andimplemented.▪ Provide recommendations for county area plan procedures to helpmake the APC office more responsive to the public and more effectivein protecting overall Carroll County land use▪ Ensure that the Zoning Ordinances and Comprehensive Plan areroutinely reviewed and updated to reflect current County needs.
  19. 19. For More Information... Resources for Land Use Planning▪ Carroll County Zoning Update ▸ ▸ Contains the meeting notes, current drafts and adopted ordinances fo the Carroll County Zoning Update Project▪ Purdue Land Use Team ▸ ▸ Includes information and resources for land use planners, particularly information for citizens to help them navigate and understand government regulation of land use▪ Purdue Local Decision Maker ▸
  20. 20. Thank You forYour interest in Land Use Planning! Any Questions?