4 h building gtc presentation 12-2012


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Learn about the Park Education Center Project

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4 h building gtc presentation 12-2012

  1. 1. GROWING THECOMMUNITYA Proposal of theFlora Community ClubA 501(c)(3) Nonprofit
  2. 2. Community/County Need• High-tech meeting room for distance learning, small group educational programs and group meeting space• Updated large-group meeting facility, including improved acoustics, upgraded amenities, and the addition of technology (wireless internet)• Desire to move the Extension Office to the Fairgrounds to better serve 4H meetings, Extension Homemaker Meetings, and provide Educational programs more efficiently
  3. 3. Club History • Growing the Community since 1923The Flora Community • 1925 -- The Flora Community Club built theClub was established in Community Building, which was the site of1923 by Flora business- one the finest gymnasiums of its time, andmen the site of many county and sectional tourneys. • The Community Building was located on the sameThe Flora Community grounds where the “old school” sits, today.Club has served theCommunity for more • 1934 -- the Club used WPA labor to fill low places in the park and install a stone parkingthan 90 years by lot.providing communityactivities and venues • 1934 -- the Scout Cabin was built by thefor the enrichment of Club using WPA laborthe community. • 1941 -- the Club built a furniture factory for VD Rider • 1946 -- the Club built the SAYCO factory
  4. 4. Club • LOOK WHAT WE BUILT!History • 1950 -- the Club acquired farm ground on the west side of Flora for future industrialFrom the expansion, some of which was later sold to Allegiance Wire, John Deere and Robo CarFlora Indiana WashCentennial Book • 1961 -- the Club built a factory building which later was the home to Allegiance WirePublished, 1972 • 1967 – the Club purchased the “old” medical office building and expansion site (which is now the parking lot of the Library) and brought Dr. Carlos Amaya to the Community Sayco Building circa 1970
  5. 5. Flora Community • Carroll County 4H Fair – The ClubClub – TODAY! organizes “everything NOT 4H” at theStill a strong Fair, including Merchant’s Building,Presence in the Carnival attractions, Music EventsCommunity • Carroll County 4H Fair – FISH FRY – the Club’s most profitable fund-raising event. • Moonlight Madness – Town-Wide GarageMany projects to sale and downtown Street FestivalEncourage and • Christmas Parade – Brings youth and adultDevelop the organizations together for a parade ofCommunity floats and Santa! • Touch-A-Fleet of Trucks – Sponsored by the “KICK Team,” this family event brings heavy equipment to the Park for display and interaction
  6. 6. NewOpportunities •Education Center • 40-seat, high-tech, classroom spaceThe Club has the for meetings, educational classes,opportunity to provide and presentationsoffice and meetingspace centrally located • Carroll County Extension Officein Carroll County. • Retain Exhibit Space for Carroll County 4H FairThe current 4H Exhibit • Retain ALL CURRENT Extension UsesHall can be remodeledand updated to offer • New and Expanded uses --educational, meeting, • 4H meetings, Ag Association meetingsand exhibit space. • Large Group meetings • Youth organizations • Receptions, auctions, public uses
  7. 7. Proposed Plans• Remodel 4H Building• Expand Exhibit hall (East)• Add Extension Office Space• Add Hi-Tech Learning Center
  8. 8. Timeline -- Process and • Proposal to County Commissioners - June Timeline • Proposal to County stakeholders and -- Legal status -- interested parties – June- July County enters into • Initial approval from County a 40-year Commissioners and County Council - agreement July with the Flora • Public information distributed duringCommunity Club for the Carroll County Fair the improvement and management • Capital Campaign (July – February, ‘13) of the building • Grant requests (July – February ‘13) (Build-Operate- • Finalize plans and contractors (Winter) Transfer Agreement) • Break Ground (Winter- Early Spring) • Occupancy (Fall – 2013)
  9. 9. • Share story with the CountyWhat’s Next? government, stakeholders and citizens to gain support for the project!InformationandQuestions • Donate! The Flora Community Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and your donation is tax- deductible!
  10. 10. Thank you for your attention! Any Questions? For more information: floracommunityclub.orggrowingthecommunity.wordpress.com