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M. marek dfms lp 77 bias and causal chain


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M. marek dfms lp 77 bias and causal chain

  1. 1. Welcome! Language ArtsMs. MarekTuesday, February 14, 2012
  2. 2. Independent Reading Retrieve your library book READ READ READ READ READ READ READ
  3. 3. ScheduleMonday Half dayTuesday Bias and Causal ChainWednesday Causal Chain and Persuasive LanguageThursday Rubric and ReviewFriday Test! • WEDNESDAY: Make up work due! • FRIDAY: Drop and Write final draft due! • TUESDAY: Begin MSA review • ALL WEEK: Meetings during reading
  4. 4. OBJECTIVE SWBAT analyze organizational patterns such as causal chain in their own writing SWBAT identify and analyze bias in persuasive writing
  5. 5. Review … Author’s purpose is as easy as pie … – Persuade – Inform – Entertain
  6. 6. Review … Three types of evidence …1. Facts2. Reliable Sources3. First Hand Accounts
  7. 7. Review … Organizational structures …1. Chronological Order2. Cause and Effect3. Compare and Contrast4. Main Idea and Details5. Logical / Spatial Order6. Concession / Rebuttal
  8. 8. REVIEW … Bias occurs on a spectrum … – Unbiased: authors explains both points of view – Somewhat biased: author explains both points of view but shows how one side is better than the other – Biased: author only shows one side of an argument The best writing is somewhat biased – addresses both sides of an argument but uses evidence to show that one side is valid (or right)
  9. 9. REMINDERSREAD READ READ!Start thinking about a book youwant to read.READ READ READ!