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M. marek dfms lp 73 audience and position


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M. marek dfms lp 73 audience and position

  1. 1. Welcome! Language ArtsMs. MarekFriday, February 3, 2012
  2. 2. Independent Reading Retrieve your library book READ READ READ READ READ READ READ
  3. 3. ScheduleMonday Allergic Reaction! OH NO!Tuesday Purpose / AudienceWednesday Purpose / AudienceThursday Audience / PositionFriday Position / Celebrations • Quiz on MONDAY – review vocab
  4. 4. OBJECTIVE SWBAT identify author’s opinion and analyze text for bias
  5. 5. Think*Write*Share* In your opinion who will win the Super Bowl this Sunday? Support your opinion with facts about the teams!
  6. 6. Author’s Opinion Position Perspective Viewpoint Bias
  7. 7. Author’s Opinion In persuasive writing, the authors convince his audience to agree with his opinion The author argues her opinion throughout the text Effective authors use evidence or facts to support their opinion because facts are indisputable. Facts cannot be argued against, because they are true. An argument is called valid, when it is constructed so well that you cannot argue against it. Effective arguments anticipate the opinion of the audience in order to address and dispute other perspectives
  8. 8. Good pieces of evidence .. Facts – Statistics – Evidence from formal studies Reliable sources – Experts in the field 1st hand accounts – People who have witnessed or experienced the event or situation
  9. 9. Process steps6. Summarize the authors argument inone sentence.7. Why should we agree with theauthor? What reasons does s/heprovide to support his/her argument8. What evidence does the author use?
  10. 10. The lunch crowd fills restaurants everyday, but high school studentsare not allowed to leave campus during lunch. If students areresponsible enough to return to school on time, they should beallowed to leave campus during lunch. An off campus lunch isadvantageous to the school for many reasons. With an off campuslunch, schools can reduce the number of students in the cafeteria andnot lose any money. The school currently pays many cafeteriaworkers to serve lunch to a large number of students; these jobswould not have to exist if off-campus lunch was an option. Also,security guards would not have to worry about stopping students fromleaving school grounds and the force could be cut down and focus onmore important safety issues. Therefore, 80% of jobs could bereduced and the school could save a substantial amount of money peryear by offering off campus lunch. Also, the high school studentswould have more freedom, which is something they need to get usedto as they enter the “real world”.
  11. 11. Author’s Opinion Read excerpt two from President Obama’s State of the Union Address Determine President Obama’s opinion about the future of immigration policy Summarize his argument in one sentence What reasoning does he provide to support his argument? What evidence does he use? Does he anticipate other arguments? If so, where and how?
  12. 12. REMINDERSREAD READ READ!Start thinking about a book youwant to read.READ READ READ!