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M. marek dfms lp 67 main idea


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M. marek dfms lp 67 main idea

  1. 1. Welcome! Language ArtsMs. MarekTuesday, January 17, 2012
  2. 2. Independent Reading Retrieve your library book READ READ READ READ READ READ READ
  3. 3. ScheduleTuesday Main Idea / ParaphrasingWednesday ½ Day!Thursday Author’s Purpose / Organizational PattersFriday Author’s Argument • Grades are due January 23 – 1 WEEK to IMPROVE! • Notebook check FRIDAY! • After school extra help: TODAY
  4. 4. OBJECTIVE SWBAT identify and explain main idea in text or portion of text
  5. 5. Essential Questions How do readers determine what is important? How do I distinguish my thinking from the author’s?
  6. 6. Main Idea The most important idea in the text or portion of the text The main idea is supported by facts and details in the text
  7. 7. Paraphrasing Summarizing the text in your own words Make sure to include the main idea and the important supporting details Paraphrasing demonstrates that you understand the text
  8. 8. Identifying the Main IdeaProcess Steps1. Preview the text and note text features in order to predict what the text will be about2. Identify the most important idea, subject, or argument in the text3. Determine the details in the text that support this idea or argument4. Use what you learn about the subject (from the details) to infer the main idea of the text or portion of text
  9. 9. Main Idea: Insect Munchies
  10. 10. On the MSA … Which of these sentences would be most important to include in a summary of this article?A. People are omnivores – they eat both plants and animals.B. The human digestive system absorbs nutrients from almost any edible source.C. The small intestine completes digestion of sugars and proteins and breaks down fat.D. If you’re a health nut, you might want to check out tasty insect treats.
  11. 11. Think*Write*Share How many times a day do you text? Can you imagine life without texting? How would you feel if you forgot your phone and couldn’t text your friends all day long?
  12. 12. Main Idea: Teen Texting
  13. 13. On the MSA … What is the article mainly about?A. Teachers should include mobile learning in the classroom.B. Over the past 15 years, girls have exceeded boys when it comes to excelling at school.C. The recent surge in texting may suppress girls’ learning in school.D. Teens are horrified at the thought of giving up their phones.
  14. 14. REMINDERSREAD READ READ!Start thinking about a book youwant to read.READ READ READ!