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Marketing to millennials - How to conquer the new generation of consumers


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Millennials or Generation Y is a difficult nut to crack for marketers. Millennials are connected 24/7, influenced by friends and not brand messages and show limited brand loyalty. How can small and mid-size business cut through the ever increasing noise to market to this important audience with a buying power which is already bigger then the baby boomer generation? This talk shares best practices examples and emphasizes the importance of marketing strategy as the only way to make an impact for smaller businesses.

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Marketing to millennials - How to conquer the new generation of consumers

  1. 1. Marke&ng  to   Millennials    
  2. 2. Agenda   ①  Gen  Y  –  Why  Should  We  Care   ②  The  Gen  Y  Mindset   ③  The  Gen  Y  Behavior   ④  Takeaways  
  3. 3. Why  Should  We  Care?  
  4. 4. Key  considerations    
  5. 5. Key  considerations   •  Gen  Y  spending  power  2014:  $213  Billion   •  In  2017  Gen  Y  is  predicted  to  outspend  baby   boomers   •  Millennials  are  "low  on  social  trust,"  according   to  Pew  Research  Center   •  Just  19  percent  say  most  people  can  be  trusted,   compared  with  31  percent  of  Gen  Xers  and  40   percent  of  baby  boomers.     •  For  retail  that  translates  to  a  genera&on  that  is   brand  aware,  but  cynical  =  not  brand  loyal  
  6. 6. The  Gen  Y  Mindset  
  7. 7. Habits  
  8. 8. Beliefs  
  9. 9. Behaviors  
  10. 10. Motivations  
  11. 11. Expectations    
  12. 12. The  Gen  Y  Behavior    
  13. 13. Information  consumption  
  14. 14. Website  trafEic  
  15. 15. Takeaways  
  16. 16. Takeaways   •  Gen  Y  is  not  tech-­‐savvy.  They  are  tech-­‐dependent   •  It’s  all  about  them   •  Communicate  where  they  are  engaged   •  Make  their  buying  experience  memorable   •  Introduce  them  to  your  team   •  Give  them  the  VIP  feeling    
  17. 17. ?!*&^$%^&????     Valuable  
  18. 18. ?!*&^$%^&????     Valuable   Relevant  
  19. 19. ?!*&^$%^&????     Valuable   Relevant   Authen&c  
  20. 20. Read  More   •  Meet  the  Millennials:  The  consumers  to  change  the   marke&ng  landscape   •  Millennial  Marke&ng   •  How  Millennials  are  shopping  
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